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The Best Wine And Cheese Pairings

The Best Wine And Cheese Pairings

Everyone knows wine and cheese is a match made in heaven. It’s easy to pair wine and cheese when you know which flavors compliment each other perfectly. If you’re wondering which wine goes with which cheese, check out our guide for the best wine and cheese pairings.

Wine and cheese pairings

What are the best cheeses to go with red wine?

Pairing red wine and cheese is fun and delicious. Make yourself a cheese platter by arranging a few different slices of cheese from the list below. Then as you take a bite of cheese, follow it with a sip of wine. See how each flavor compliments each other and take notes of the ones you like.

Wine isn’t the only thing that pairs well with cheese. Check out our guide to learn which red wine to pair with steak.

Wine and cheese pairings

The best red wine and cheese pairings

  1. Kendal Jackson Pinot Noir and Sharp Cheddar Cheese

This type of full bodied wine compliments the sharp, salty flavors of cheddar cheese.  Kendall-Jackson Vintner's Reserve Pinot Noir red wine is a dark garnet gem that delivers bright cherry, strawberry and raspberry fruit with elegant earthy notes infused with cola and mild spice accents. Oak aging adds a hint of vanilla and a soft, toasty finish. Cheddar cheese is possibly the best cheese to eat with wine because it’s so versatile and pairs well with many different types of wine.


2. Cantine Povero Barbera D’Asti and Pecorino Romano

The 2018 Cantine Povero Contrada Maestra Barbera d'Asti is mild and fruity, with raspberry and plum, medium bodied, velvety, and pleasantly dry. It’s flavors blend superbly with the salty and spicy Pecorino Romano cheese flavors.


3. Bodegas El Nido Clio and Smoked Gouda

Bodegas El Nido Clio is notorious for its rich layers of dark fruit, roasted coffee and earth notes, Clio is full-bodied yet not overpowering.  It has terrific concentration and an extremely long finish.  This Spanish red is uniquely smooth and complimentary to the smokey rich flavors in gouda cheese.


4. Turning Leaf Cabernet and Goat Cheese

Black cherry and blackberry dominate the nose of this wine, with reasonable intensity. The palate has fairly heavy tannins, giving it a silky mouth feel. This Cabernet Sauvignon cheese pairing is perfect for beginners. The rich black cherry flavors melt with the creamy and pungent taste of goat cheese.


5. Alamos Merlot and Manchego

Red fruit characters of cranberry, cherry, pomegranate; a balance of earth; elegant tannins and a savory finish. This Argentinian wine is a stark contrast to the salty flavors of Manchego cheese and will leave your tastebuds dancing.


Wine and cheese pairings

What are good white wine and cheese pairings?

Wondering what cheese to eat with white wine? Start with these delicious combinations.


1. La Crema Chardonnay and Stilton

Aromas of lemon blossom, HONEYSUCKLE, and yellow plum are followed by flavors of fresh nectarine, apricot, and ripe pear. The sweet flavors compliment the creamy and saltiness of stilton cheese without overpowering it.


2. Edna Valley Sauvignon Blanc and Emmental

Edna Valley Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc opens up with bright aromas of honeydew melon and grapefruit. On the palate, ripe citrus notes play off of fresh notes of melon, a touch of lime zest and a hint of jalapeno. The subtle flavors bring out the nuttiness in the cheese’s taste.


3. Barefoot Moscato and Blue Cheese

A crisp, refreshing blend of juicy peaches and sweet apricots, Barefoot Moscato combines lush, fruity aromas with a bright, crisp finish that is sure to please any crowd. Finished with a tantalizing twist of lemon and citrus, Barefoot Moscato pairs seamlessly with artisanal cheeses such as a rich blue. This cheese and wine pairing is ideal because the acidity from the wine cleanses your palate after the richness of the cheese. 

4. Castagnolo and Mascarpone

This Italian wine exhibits a rich and fragrant olfactory stamp with floral aromas of broom and chamomile, marked notes of white-fleshed fruit and savory hints. The sip is agile, balanced and of good freshness, with an almondy finish. The subtle sweetness of mascarpone cheese compliments the white wine perfectly.

5. Blanc de Blanc and Brie

Blanc de Black is the crème de la crèam of Champagne. This fine beverage is made exclusively with Chardonnay grapes and the light, bubbly profile is an ideal pairing to a creamy cheese like brie.

Now that you know the best wine and cheese pairings, which one will you try first?


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