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Our Customers Say
review stars “Such a quick and easy delivery process. The delivery girl was awesome! I'll def be using them again..thanks for saving my night!!” Raashema A.
review stars “This liquor store is unlike any other! Step inside, and you'll find gorgeous displays of unique alcohol. The owner was really knowledgeable in helping me find the right wines and you can tell he curated only the best but at great prices!” M. D.
review stars “This place is lovely! A new wine and liquor with such a unique selection. It's hard to pass up its vibrancy; this just popped up out of nowhere literally; from the looks of it, it's here to stay, and I'm excited to see more progress. The managers are lovely, and the vibes are just right!” Chazsity D.
review stars “I would never order wine for delivery from any other business besides Juicefly. There have never been any issues at all, just perfect service. I was very lucky to find them. Everyone is always super nice, and professional, making the delivery process easy and quick.” Melissa Anne
review stars “By far the best delivery experience I have ever had. The ordering process was super easy, I was kept up-to-date on my order status, and my delivery driver was so friendly. Delivery time was also much faster than others who deliver the same types of products — major plus. Will definitely be my go-to moving forward.” Laura Ann Klinedinst
review stars “I've been to the establishment one time and ordered from them a few times. Each experience has always been a memorable one. The staff is polite, and the delivery personnel is extremely courteous. I will continue to get my products from Juicefly.” Charmaine Ivory
review stars “I have ordered from many vape companies and have always gone back to Juicefly. The people there are very helpful and always respond to any inquiry I make. I am a loyal customer and highly recommend Juicefly to any other vape delivery service out there.” Donna Vanneman
review stars “Always accommodating. Whenever I call or place an order, the rep or delivery person is always so kind. Would highly recommend to others.” Charmaine Ivory
review stars “Good product, fast shipping, and great customer service.” Karen Wall
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Order Alcohol and Vape online Delivery in Los Angeles & Shipping to other cities

Frequently asked questions banner Order Alcohol and Vape online. Delivery in Los Angeles & Shipping to other cities.
You got the party? We got the juice!
Don’t feel like dealing with traffic? Want to stay in your pajamas all day? That’s fine with us.
We’ll bring the party straight to your door.
Juicefly is LA’s premium beer, wine, and liquor delivery service!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order alcohol delivery?

Ordering alcohol delivery has never been easier thanks to Juicefly. If you don’t feel like going out to the store to buy beer, wine, or liquor, then let us come to you! As long as you’re over 21 years of age and in Los Angeles, you can order alcohol delivery from Juicefly.

How does liquor delivery with Juicefly work?

Ordering liquor delivery is a simple process. To start, browse through our menu of beer, wine, tequila, vodka, rum, gin, and other spirits. Then, add the products to your cart. You can choose instant delivery or schedule a delivery time when is convent for you. You can pay online or at the time of delivery. We’ll deliver your order to you in less than 60 minutes!

How can I order alcohol online?

If you are over the age of 21 and in Los Angeles, then you can order alcohol online from Juciefly! After shopping on our website, choose a delivery time and date, pay, and in no time you’ll see one of our friendly drivers at your door.

Does Juicefly offer beer delivery?

Juicefly offers beer delivery, wine delivery, and liquor delivery! That’s why we’re your best option when you’re searching for alcohol delivery near me.

How to get alcohol delivered to me?

Getting alcohol delivered to you is easy. Don’t hesitate to browse our site and find the alcohol you’ve been looking for, add it to your cart, and checkout! One of our drivers will be at your door in under an hour.

Where can I order alcohol delivery in Los Angeles?

Juicefly is the best place to order alcohol delivery in Los Angeles. Thanks to our vast selection of alcohol and fast delivery, we are LA’s number one choice for alcohol delivery.

Does Juciefly offer same-day wine delivery in Los Angeles?

Juicefly offers same-day wine, beer, and liquor delivery in Los Angeles. After adding items to your cart, you’ll be able to enter your zip code to see your delivery options.

Can I get alcohol delivered now?

If you’re in LA and want to order alcohol delivery, you’re in luck! Juicefly is open 7 days a week from 8am-11pm. Who delivers alcohol online fast? Juicefly does!

Can I Order Vape Delivery Online?

Yes, you can order nicotine vape delivery in Los Angeles from Juicefly if you’re 21 or older. Juicefly has a vast selection of the best quality nicotine vapes, juul products, e-vape pens, and accessories with an unrivaled delivery service. Your favorite brands and flavors are ready to be delivered to your doorstep every day of the week from 9am to 10pm in Los Angeles and Culver City.

Can I order alcohol/tobacco from an app?

Yes! You can and Juicefly App is meant for that. You won't be able to live without the Juicefly App once you've discovered it. We are LA's premier alcoholic beverage, vape, and tobacco products store and delivery service.

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