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Craft Beer


What is craft beer?

Craft beer is a beer that’s been made in a craft brewery or microbrewery. These types of breweries are smaller than large breweries, produce a smaller amount of beer, and are often independently owned. Craft breweries began in the 1970s and have become increasingly popular around the country. In fact, craft breweries account for 98% of all breweries in the U.S.

What is the difference between a craft beer and a regular beer?

There are some differences between regular beer and craft beer. Regular beer is mass produced in large facilities, while craft beer is made on a much smaller scale. Regular beer is typically sold in all liquor stores across the country, while specific craft beer brands may be harder to find. 

Some craft beer drinkers claim that craft beer has more taste than regular beer. Since craft breweries are usually individually owned, the beer makers can spend more time putting effort into perfecting each batch of beer. 

Craft beer generally contains more alcohol than regular beer. Some craft beer can contain 3x the amount of alcohol as regular beer. 

Craft beer pack

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How to buy craft beer online

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Can I get craft beer delivery?

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