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What does Cognac taste like?

Cognac is a special type of brandy made from distilled white wine. The flavor of Cognac can be described as very rich with flavors of dried fruity, warm spices, toffee, nuts, chocolate, and tobacco.

What is the difference between cognac vs. whiskey?

The main difference between Cognac and whiskey is their ingredients. Cognac is made from grapes and whiskey is made from grains, usually barley. When making whiskey, the grains are distilled and then aged in oak barrels. Cognac begins by fermenting grape juice that turns into wine and is then double distilled and aged.  Cognac can only be considered as such if it has been produced in the Cognac region in France. Whiskey can be produced anywhere in the world.

Why is Cognac so expensive?

Cognac is a brandy that is made exclusively in the Cognac region of France. Cognac is made from grapes, which are a delicate seasonal fruit. Cognac accounts for 1% of the world’s spirits, which is one of the main reasons for its high price.

What are cognac grapes?

Cognac is made from grapes from the largest white wine region in France. There are different varieties of grapes from which Cognac can be made from including Ugni Blanc, Colombard, Folle Blanche, and Sémillon. Each of these grapes is low in sugar and high in acidity to produce the best cognac.

What is the alcohol level of cognac?

Cognac must contain at least 40% alcohol. Cognac bottles are labeled according to how long they have been aged. VS indicates that it has been aged for at least two years, VSOP at least four years, and XO at least six years.

What are good Cognac and food pairings?

Like most alcohol, Cognac pairs well with cheese. Younger Cognac pairs better with a younger cheese, while a mature Cognac pairs better with aged cheese such as Camembert. You can also enjoy a nice charcuterie with Cognac, as the acidity of the liquor cuts through the fatty meat. You can also enjoy seafood, mushroom dishes, and chocolate with a smooth Cognac to finish it off.

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