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What is the difference between whiskey, scotch, and bourbon?

Bourbon is an American whisky made mostly from corn. So what is the difference between scotch, bourbon, and whisky?  Whisky can come from many different countries, such as Ireland and England. Scotch is a whiskey that must be produced in Scotland, and Bourbon is a whisky that must be produced in the U.S.A. Bourbon is a type of whisky made from corn, while whiskey is made from barley. This results in slightly different flavors in each liquor.

Is bourbon smoother than whisky?

Bourbon is known as a stepping stone to whisky thanks to its smooth flavor. Whisky can make new drinkers cringe because of its strong flavor. Bourbon has a smoother, more mild flavor, while still maintaining a flavorful composition.

What is the smoothest bourbon?

Smoothness is a sought-after characteristic. There are many smooth bourbons out there, but here are our top 5:

How do you drink bourbon?

There are different ways to enjoy bourbon, but one thing should always stay the same. Taking time to inhale and enjoy the complex aromas are key to really experience all that this unique beverage has to offer. Pour it slowly into a glass, filling it a quarter of the way. Let it rest for a few seconds, and then place your mouth over the edge of the glass, so that your nose is able to smell all the notes of the bourbon. You can enjoy bourbon straight up, on the rocks, or mix it into a refreshing cocktail like a Manhattan.

What are good bourbon and food pairings?

Since bourbon is from the south, it obviously pairs well with famous southern dishes like chicken-fried steak, red beans and rice, jambalaya, and shrimp and okra. You can also pair bourbon with sweet foods like maple syrup, sweet potatoes, and chocolate. Bourbon pairs well with basically anything sweet, smokey, or slightly spicy.

Can I buy bourbon online?

You can easily buy bourbon online from Juicefly! Shop our vast collection of bourbon and get it delivered to your door in Los Angeles in 1 hour or less. Simply create an account to shop online and get fast alcohol delivery.

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