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What is Viognier Wine?

Viognier wine is a full-bodied white wine with an aromatic, floral flavor and aroma. This type of wine is named after the grapes that it is made from, called Viognier grapes. These grapes were originally found in the Rhône valley in southern France, although today California, South Africa, and New Zealand produce Viognier wine as well.

How would you describe Viognier Wine Flavors?

Viognier wine has a rich flavor palate bursting with fruity flavors like apricot, peach, and tangerine. If it has been oak-aged, this wine can also take on creamy flavors of vanilla and clove. The wine is usually on the drier side, although it is possible for some winemakers to produce a slightly sweeter variety that’s rich in peach flavors.

Is Viognier similar to chardonnay?

If you’re a Chardonnay lover, then you’ll love Viognier wine. The two wines carry a similar flavor and aroma, although Viognier is known to be a little softer on the palate with a bit heavier fragrance. Oaked Chardonnay and oaked Viognier both carry a creamy texture with rich flavors.

Although the two wines are similar, they each have their unique qualities. Chardonnay is typically identified by its fruity aromas such as lemon and apple. Viognier, on the other hand, has a more perfume-dominant aroma of rose petals, with an underlying scent of citrus fruit like tangerine.

Is Viognier like Sauvignon Blanc?

Both of these wines have a distinct aroma. Sauvignon Blanc takes on the scents of the environment where the grapes were grown and can contain tropical flavors like passionfruit, gooseberry, and fresh-cut grass. Viognier has a more predictable aroma and is characterized by its fruity and perfumed aromas and has a signature oily texture. Viognier has more depth to its flavors whereas Sauvignon Blanc is mostly fresh and acidic.

Viognier Age - How Old is Viognier wine?

Like most alcohol, Viognier has been around for thousands of years. Although the exact origins of this wine are a bit hazy, it is believed that Viognier grapes were introduced by the Roman emperor, Probus, in 281 AD. Throughout the years, Viognier grapes have made their way across oceans and are now harvested on four continents.

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