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Juicefly Vape Recycle Program

Vape Recycle
Credit For Each Vape Recycle $0.50
Max. Credit For Next Order $5
We are glad to introduce the Juicefly Vape Recycle Program. Our program aims to collect empty vapes from our customers to responsibly dispose lithium battery powered electronic cigarettes and vape devices. 
While many people prefer single-use vapes these days, there's a key point to consider about what happens to them after usage.
According to a Truth Initiative survey, 68% of  single-use vape users threw their empty devices in the trash, and just 13% dropped them in regular recycling bins.
Obviously, thousands of vapes tossed in the trash cause huge streams of toxic and hazardous waste.
California State advises users not to throw vapes, e-cigarette devices, e-liquid waste, or pods into the trash to avoid this growing waste problem in California.
For these reasons, we are starting a recycling program.
Vape Recycle Program
Reduce Waste & Get Rewarded
Juicefly Vape Recycle Program provides an easy and sustainable solution for all of us to do our part.
But how does it work?
Pretty simple: You can give your empty vape devices to our drivers during delivery and get discounts of up to $5 for your next order.
It means that you get 50 cents per vape and can give us a maximum of 10 vapes for each order.
After we receive your empty devices, you will get a discount code via email that you can use at our online vape store.
So, it’s a real win-win.
Join the Juicefly Vape Recycle Program today!
Vape Recycle Program

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