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Vape juice, also known as e-liquid or e-juice, is a fluid used in vapes and electronic cigarettes. 

It works very simply: When you activate your vape device (either by pressing a button or simply by drawing on the mouthpiece in automatic devices), the e-liquid is drawn into the atomizer or heating element. This atomizer heats up and essentially vaporizes the liquid.

The juice contains four ingredients: propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), flavors, and nicotine. While Propylene glycol, the base  e-juice ingredient, is a colorless, odorless liquid that creates a throat hit, vegetable glycerin creates the vapor and provides a sweeter taste.

And, of course, the most exciting part of e-juices is the flavors. Each brand in this exclusive selection offers unique tastes, making each puff highly enjoyable. From menthol to fruity, candy to desserts, you’ll surely find exactly what you need.

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At our online vape store, we offer a hand-curated selection of vape juice flavors. Whether you are in search of a delectable fruity touch or a cool menthol sensation, you have endless options to double your vaping joy.

For example, Strawberry Jam from Pod Juice Salt Series is a luscious and smooth flavor with a hint of lemon that complements its sweetness. Pod Energy is another fan-favorite salt nic juice you'll want to savor all day. Offering an icy cold berry energy drink flavor, it makes your taste buds go wild.

Coastal Clouds, one of the best salt nic vape juice brands, offers mouthwatering products ready to explode your senses. From Tobacco to Mango Berries Ice, Iced Strawberry Kiwi to Chilled Apple Pear, its vast flavor variety allows you to enjoy different tastes.

No matter which vape liquid you prefer, you’ll find a perfect fit to complement your palate and extra savings in our collection. 

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What is vape juice made of?

The main ingredients in e-liquid are propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), flavors, and nicotine (though some vape liquids are nicotine-free).

Does vape juice expire?

Yes, vape liquid can expire. Its shelf life depends on factors such as the components used, the nicotine concentration, and storage conditions.

How long does vape juice last?

If stored under suitable conditions, e-juice can remain usable for 1-2 years

How much is vape juice?

At Juicefly Vape Store, we offer top e-liquid brands starting at around $19.

Where can you buy vape juice?

If you're looking to buy vape juice near you, turn to Juicefly first. We offer delivery and shipping services in Los Angeles and throughout the US.

How to use vape juice?

Using vape liquids is straightforward: fill the tank of your vape with the desired amount e-liquid, then simply inhale from the mouthpiece of the device while pressing the power button to vaporize the liquid and enjoy the flavor.

What is salt nic vape juice?

Salt nic vape liquid, short for nicotine salt e-liquid, contains nicotine in its natural state. It produces smoother throat hits and quicker nicotine absorption, making it favorable for vapers who want to avoid the harshness of traditional e-liquids. It is more suitable for higher concentrations and smaller devices.

What are the most popular vape juice brands?

Pod Juice, Coastal Clouds, and Naked are among the most sought-after e-liquid brands.

Why does vape juice turn brown?

E-juice can turn brown due to the oxidation and caramelization of its ingredients, especially when exposed to heat and light over time.

What is difference between salt nicotine and freebase nicotine?

Salt nicotine is created by combining nicotine with an acid, typically benzoic acid, producing a smoother throat hit and quicker absorption. On the other hand, freebase nicotine is the pure form of nicotine found in tobacco leaves, providing a harsher throat hit and slower absorption.

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