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Sauvignon Blanc

What Is Sauvignon Blanc Wine?

A popular white wine, Sauvignon blanc is known for its crisp, dry, refreshing flavors. Depending on where and how it was made, it can also give off notes of sweet floral, or earthy grass. This type of wine originated in the wine growing region of Bordeaux in France.

Can You Pair Sauvignon Blanc With Breakfast Foods?

You've heard of mimosas at breakfast, but what about wine? If champagne before noon is acceptable, then why shouldn't wine be? We're not telling you to polish a bottle of wine off for breakfast (but hey - who are we to stop you) but pairing breakfast food and a glass of wine isn't such a crazy idea. In fact, there are some pretty delicious breakfast wine combos out there. Sit back, pop open a bottle of wine, and let's dive into some breakfast wine options.

Avocado Toast is the dream breakfast of every Instagram influencer. Not only is avocado toast totally photogenic, but it's also packed with nutrients. Avocado is high in vitamin k, vitamin c, potassium, and more. Grab a thick slice of crunchy bread, mash some avocado, top it with a sprinkle of sea salt, and if you're feeling extra spicy, add a poached egg and some slices of prosciutto. This breakfast pairs perfectly with a glass of zesty sauvignon blanc because it cuts through the richness of the creamy avocado. It's the ultimate flavor indulgence.

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