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What is Riesling Wine?

Riesling is among the top three white wine grape varieties in the world. It originated in the Rhine region of Germany. This type of white wine has intense aromas of nectarine, crisp apple, honeycomb, and pear. The traditional Riesling is on the sweeter side, but today there are a hefty amount of dry options as well. Riesling is almost never combined with other grape varieties, unlike a lot of other white wines.

Can You Pair Riesling With Breakfast Foods?

You've heard of mimosas at breakfast, but what about wine? If champagne before noon is acceptable, then why shouldn't wine be? We're not telling you to polish a bottle of wine off for breakfast (but hey - who are we to stop you) but pairing breakfast food and a glass of wine isn't such a crazy idea. In fact, there are some pretty delicious breakfast wine combos out there. Sit back, pop open a bottle of wine, and let's dive into some breakfast wine options.

Nothing says good morning like a thick cut slice of french toast drizzled with syrup and powdered sugar. If you're really feeling like a master chef, fry up some crispy bacon and eggs to serve along side of it. Riesling pairs well with the sweetness of the syrup and will refresh your palate so you'll taste every delectable bite.

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