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What is rum made from?

Rum is a liquor made from sugar. The sugar can be in different forms such as pure cane sugar, syrup, or molasses. Whatever the base, the outcome is an unmistakable sweet flavor.

After rum is made, it is aged in wooden barrel. The color of the rum is the result of the type of wood used to create the barrel. Climate effects how long a rum is aged. Rum that is aged in tropical climates will usually be aged for a shorter amount of time than rum that is aged in a cooler climate. A dark Caribbean rum will usually be aged three to five years, as opposed to a dark rum from North America that could be aged for 10 years,

Where is rum from?

Rum is one of the oldest spirits around, originating in the West Indies. The first written records mentioning rum were from Barbados in around 1650. By the mid 1700s, it was being produced in South America and various Caribbean islands. It soon made its way to New England and American settlers began producing it also. It was originally called 'kill-devil' or 'rumbullion' but later the name was shortened to simply, rum.

What are the different types of rum?

Rum is a wonderfully well rounded spirit, available in various colors and flavors. Let's talk about the different types of rum:

  • White Rum: Like the name, this rum is clear with lighter flavors. It's aged for a brief period of time.
  • Gold Rum: This rum gets its name from its golden color, which is the result of aging in oak barrels.
  • Dark Rum: Darker colored rum is aged for a long period of time. This rum will have a more full flavor profile, and is what people choose if drinking rum solo.
  • Spiced Rum: Just what it sounds like. Rum that's been flavored with spices.
  • Naval/Overproof: Any rum that has a higher alcohol content (50-60% and up)

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