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Canadian Whisky

What is the difference between Canadian Whisky vs Bourbon?

There are a few main differences between Canadian Whiskey and Bourbon:

  • Canadian Whisky has a much more spicy flavor, and Bourbon has a more mellow, soft taste.
  • Canadian Whisky may be aged in charred or uncharted wooden barrels, and bourbon can only be aged in new oak barrels.
  • Canadian Whisky is aged for a minimum of 3 years and Bourbon must be aged for a minimum of 2 years.
  • Many Canadian Whisky varieties come from one distillery as compared to U.S. Bourbon which can come from different distilleries around the country.

What makes Canadian Whisky different from others?

Canadian Whisky is different than any other whisky because of its unique flavorful rye that is added into the mix, resulting in a spicier, bolder taste. Rye is now the main ingredient in Canadian Whisky. Canadian Whisky does not have a maximum alcohol content regulation, which means the brewers can make it as high as they want. Canadian Whiskys are made with a mixture of molasses, butterscotch, clove, nutmeg, and brown sugar. Most Canadian Whisky contains less than 51% corn. 

What whisky is made in Canada?

If you’ve never tried Canadian Whisky, what are you waiting for? Juicefly offers great options of Canadian Whisky at a reasonable price. Try Alberta Premium Canadian Rye Whiskey, Canadian Club Premium Extra Aged Whisky, or Seagram’s VO and indulge yourself in the spicy, strong flavors of Canada’s most popular spirit.

What are some delicious whisky cocktails?

If you’re looking for some delicious whisky cocktails, try mixing up one of these tasty drinks. You can use any type of whisky you’d like:

Cocktail Recipe

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