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What is an IPA?

IPA beer stands for ‘India Pale Ale’. This type of beer is filled with hops, which gives it that strong bitter taste that it’s famous for. The most well-known styles of IPA are British IPA and New England IPA.  IPA beer with a high concentration of hops is known as ‘Imperial’ or ‘Double IPA’. These two styles have a higher alcohol content than a traditional IPA because the brewer must add more malt to balance out the strong hop taste. All styles of IPA share some common flavors like floral, bitter, earthy, piney, and citrus. Depending on how the IPA was made, it may have stronger citrus or floral flavors as well.

What is the difference between IPA beer and regular beer?

IPA’s include a large variety of different styles of beer. New England IPAs have a more fruity flavor, while British IPAs taste more bitter. West Coast IPAs have an even balance of bitterness and fruitiness. So what is the difference between IPA and regular beer? IPA is very heavy on hops and generally has a higher ABV content than other beers. For example, American Pale Ale has a ABV content between 5%-6% and a soft taste, while India Pale Ale beer can reach upwards of 10% ABV and has a bitter, stronger taste.

What defines an IPA beer?

IPA is known for its hoppy and unique flavors. This type of beer is full of character and charisma, which is why so many people love them. IPA beer has a rich history dating back to British colonial times in India. India was so hot and humid that it was difficult to brew beer. British sailors came up with a beer rich in hops to act as a preservative so they could make it in England and ship it to India. Since the beer had so much hops in it, it could survive the long ocean journey that sometimes took months. IPA made its first appearance in an advertisement back in 1829, and that was considered the official launch of IPA.

Is IPA beer stronger than other beer?

IPA style beer usually has an ABV content from 6%-10%. Other beer generally has an ABV content of around 5-7% so IPAs are usually stronger than other beer.

Why are IPA beers so popular?

With bold flavors, IPA beer has the polar opposite flavors of bland lagers, which is why so many people are crazy about them. After the craft beer boom, Americans became obsessed with these new strong-tasting, hoppy beers. Craft breweries began producing IPA beers to keep up with the new demand, and the rest is history.

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