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How to drink Gin

If you're new to drinking gin, try it with a mixer, like tonic water or Coke. One of the most popular gin drinks is a gin martini, typically made with gin, vermouth, and a dash of orange bitters.

If you really enjoy the taste of gin, then drinking it neat, aka alone, is also a great option. Try experimenting with the temperature of the gin, too. Popping a bottle of gin in the freezer and allowing it to chill will change the texture and make the gin more velvety and thick. As the gin warms up, the flavor profile will really shine through.

What are the types of gin?

Gin is a clear colored spirit made from a base grain like rye, barley, wheat, or corn, and then steeped with botanicals like dried herbs, roots, and citrus peels. There are four basic gin styles:

  • London Dry: This type of gin is traditionally used in cocktails and has a dry flavor (not sweet).
  • Plymouth Gin: This type of gin must be made in Plymouth, England. It has an earthy flavor because of the roots that were mixed into the gin when creating it.
  • Old Tom: This gin will be a little sweeter in flavor.
  • Navy Strength: This type of gin has a high ABV content - around 57% and higher.

Where to buy gin?

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What is the best gin to buy?

When choosing the best gin, you must decide on your desired flavors. Whether you mix your gin in a cocktail or serve it on the rocks, there are numerous types of gin.Aviation American Gin, Martin Miller's Dry Gin, New Amsterdam Gin, and Bombay Sapphire would be ideal for the best taste.

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