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What exactly is sake?

Good question. Many people love to drink sake, but few know what it actually is. Sake is pronounced ‘sah-KAY’ and it is a fermented rice beverage that comes from East Asia. It’s usually referred to as a rice wine and has been around since the 8th century CE. Sake is made by brewing highly polished sake man rice, water, a mold called Aspergillus oryzae, and yeast.

Can you get drunk on Sake?

Sake has a higher alcohol content than most wines, and it is absolutely possible to get drunk from this type of alcohol. Sake has about half the alcohol content of vodka or whiskey, and double the alcohol content of a beer.

How strong is Sake? What is the alcohol content of Sake?

Some fine sakes are usually aged for a year or more, and most have an alcohol content of around 15%-20%. Genshu is a type of undiluted sake that has an ABV content of 20% or more.


What does Sake Taste like?

Sake has a clean, lightly sweet taste. Its refreshing astringent compliments its savory tastes. The scent is mildly fruity and nutty, but the aroma will disappear shortly after it is poured into a glass. Sake has a smooth and light body, and won’t leave you feeling heavy.


What is the definition of Sake?

Sake can also be spelled ‘saké’. It is also referred to as Japanese rice wine, and it is an alcoholic beverage that has been made from fermented rice that has been polished to remove the bran. Unlike most other alcohols, sake is commonly served both hot and cold.


Where to buy sake

At Juicefly, we offer a variety of different options of sake. You can browse through different products and see information such as alcohol content, product origin, and more. Simply add the sake to your cart and checkout, and we'll deliver your order in an hour or less.


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