Beer is the perfect drink for any occasion. Whether you’re going to a raging party with some friends or kicking back and relaxing at home, we’ve got the perfect beer waiting for you. 

 Can I order beer online?

Juicefly makes it easy to buy beer online! Shop for your favorite beer, and pay- all online! You can choose to have your order delivered right to you, or come pick it up in our store.  We know you want your order delivered fast, and that’s why we’ll bring it to you in under an hour! 

Can I order beer online in CA?

You may be wondering if you can order beer online in California. With Juicefly, you can buy beer online easily! We offer the best selection of premium beer, all delivered to your door fast! Simply browse our online menu of beer for sale online and pay. Our drivers will deliver your purchase straight to your doorstep, fast. Buying beer online doesn’t have to be a hassle. We take the hard work out of looking for where to buy beer by offering you the best selection of beer online!

Where can I get beer now? 

Sometimes, you just can’t wait for alcohol delivery. If you’re in the neighborhood, we offer you a warm welcome to come and shop at our new store location in Culver City. Come and browse our endless selection of premium beer and find the one you’ve been looking for. Either way, our friendly staff can't wait to see you.

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How do you play beer pong?

If you’re wondering about the rules of beer pong, you’re not alone. There are a few slight variations of the game, but the general goal of beer pong is to eliminate the other teams beer filled cups by throwing a ping pong ball into each one. Each team lines up plastic cups in a pyramid shape at either end of a rectangular table. The players take turns aiming the ping pong ball at the opposing team’s cups. If the ball makes it in, the player on such team must remove the cup and drink the beer that’s inside. Each team takes turns until the other team’s cups are eliminated.

What is beer lacing?

When you pour beer into a glass, the white foamy on top of the actual liquid is called the 'foam head'. Beer lacing, or more simply 'lacing', is the residue left over from the foam head as you drink. Let's assume your glass of beer was full to the brim, so with each sip, the foam head will move lower and lower down the glass. This causes a bit of the foam residue to stick to the glass, causing lacing. You can compare beer lacing to 'legs' when talking about wine. Beer doesn't have legs, but instead it has lacing.

 How many calories are in beer?

We know counting calories isn’t fun, but it could mean the difference between a flat tummy or a beer belly. If you want to get serious about your health and you’re wondering how many calories are in beer, you’ve come to the right place. The average calories in beer is 150 calories per serving. This can vary from beer to beer, depending on how much alcohol it contains. 

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