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About Us

Welcome to Juicefly! 

Juicefly isn't just your typical liquor store; we're LA's premier destination for beer, wine, spirits, nicotine vapes, and e-cigarettes. Whether you're looking for alcoholic beverages or vaping products, we've got you covered. With both in-store shopping and convenient delivery services, Juicefly is your one-stop-shop for all your beverage and vaping needs. We are proud to offer delivery in Los Angeles and shipping to available states in the USA.

What do we do?

Our Mission is to "Let Your Spirit Fly." We're on a mission to provide you with an unparalleled selection of your favorite alcoholic beverages, nicotine vapes, and e-cigarettes, all delivered straight to your door with speed and convenience.

For our vision we say, "We got the JUICE, you got the Party?" We aspire to be your ultimate one-stop-shop for those who love to celebrate and have a good time. Juicefly doesn't just stock the ordinary; we bring you the extraordinary from across the globe. We are not just a liquor store; we are an event marketplace that connects people with entertainment professionals, all with the added convenience of on-demand delivery.

What Separates Us From The Rest?

Juicefly represents a modern twist on your neighborhood liquor store. We've fused passion and service into a single destination, reinventing the traditional liquor store experience. When our founders started Juicefly, they recognized the need for something different in the alcohol and vaping industry. While Los Angeles may have numerous liquor stores and vaping shops, Juicefly was born with the goal of creating a new-era store where quality products and unique brands shine.

Our founders bring a wealth of experience in local e-commerce and on-demand delivery services. Teaming up with a local wine connoisseur, they incorporated his expertise and passion for fine wines and spirits, launching our flagship location in Culver City. Here, customers can indulge in top-notch products and enjoy fast delivery. Speedy delivery is one of our hallmarks, with free delivery for orders over $50 on the West Side in under 30 minutes and free delivery on orders over $100 anywhere in Los Angeles in under 1 hour. We also offer free vape shipping to available states for orders over $100.

At Juicefly, passion fuels everything we do, and our extensive selection of fine wines and spirits tells a unique story. We curate a wide array of alcohol, including wines from Spain, Italy, France, and the United States, catering to all types of wine enthusiasts, including those who appreciate biodynamic, unfiltered, and vegan wines.

If beer is more your style then you’ll be blown away by our huge beer selection.  We carry beer from local breweries as nearby as Pasadena, as well as different brands from Spain, Mexico, Belgium, and beyond. We also offer gluten-free beer and organic options, as well as hard ciders and hard kombucha. 

Our selection of exclusive spirits is another thing that really sets us apart from other liquor stores in the area. Of course, we carry your standard hard liquor, but here, you’ll also find unique liquors such as Heritage Guillotine Vodka, French vodka made from Champagne grapes and the first vodka in the world to be aged. 

Unlike other liquor stores, we want to make our space an inviting place where passionate people can come together to enjoy all that life has to offer. We are excited to announce that we will soon be inviting our customers to join our airy backdoor area where we will be hosting tastings with sommeliers, as well as art and food events. Juicefly even offers a monthly curation of unique cocktail recipes, created by a cocktail consultant.

Juicefly is living proof that with a little creativity and passion, anything is possible. Come in today or order online and Let Your Spirit Fly!

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