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Best Whiskey Bars in Los Angeles

Best Whiskey Bars in Los Angeles

Whiskey lovers assemble! Whiskey is cool, easily accessible, and can be enjoyed neat or in sophisticated drinks. L.A.'s whiskey scene has developed world-class programs throughout the city, from hotel bars to speakeasies. For the best selection of bourbon, scotch, and whiskeys from around the world, check out these standout bars in town.


Imagine your grandmother's living room in this split-level bar, outfitted with a bust of President Lincoln, scratchy mirrors, weeds creeping out of the ceiling above the wicker chairs, and patriarchal portraits on the brick walls. But in fact, the bar was transported from Savannah, where the townhouse was dismantled, shipped, and rebuilt in its original structure, from the moldings to the fireplace, in the middle of Hollywood. The focus here? Bourbon - this is the Old South, after all. Try the brown spirit with house-made ginger beer or mixed with an oak barrel-aged Vieux Carre (made with rye, Cognac, Benedictine Bitters, and an in-house vermouth blend). Or go for a fruity and fun Melon Collie and the Infinite Sadness, a blend of bourbon, watermelon rose sorbet, and lemon.



The Daily Pint

The Daily Pint looks like an ordinary bar at first glance, but step inside and you'll find an impressive, ever-changing selection of craft beers on tap and in bottles, as well as hundreds of bottles of whiskey. Browse the extensive selection of bourbon, scotch, and whiskey from around the world - and if you are looking to spend a little more money, ask the cheeky bartender for a bottle within reach. The floor-to-ceiling vault contains bottles 65 years and older, and a particularly notable collection of single malt Scotch. Between billiards, shuffleboard, and foosball, ponder your next drink.

The Pikey

This place is one of the most iconic bars in Hollywood. Owners Jared Meisler and Sean MacPherson have transformed the former dive into a three-room British gastropub where the Union Jack meets red leather booths. Delicious pub grub from chef Jaison Burke is offered alongside a long list of cocktails, beers, wines by the glass, and spirits. Bourbon, whiskey, and scotch are in abundance and at reasonable prices, as nothing costs more than $45. If that's still too pricey for you, check out the daily happy hour (4-7 p.m.) where house cocktails, wines, well drinks, and bar snacks are discounted.


Do you like to explore different kinds of whiskey and mezcal? This casual cocktail bar in Glendale offers more than 60 mezcals and even more whiskeys. Whether it's Espadin from Oaxaca or Yamazaki from Japan, there's a story behind every bottle, and the staff is happy to tell you. But the Neat is no two-trick pony. The bar carries every type of spirit imaginable, as well as wine, craft beer, and champagne. And the cocktail program is strong. The mixologists work with imagination and precision. But the staff at Neat has a soft spot for brave souls who embark on a journey through the page-long menu to discover a new favorite spirit to enjoy in its purest form. You have to admit, the concept is pretty awesome.

Thirsty Crow

Thirsty Cow has a stuffed dusty crow mascot hovering in the rafters, but it's the whiskey selection that should catch your eye: 100-plus whiskeys and 60-plus small-batch bourbons on display behind a horseshoe-shaped bar. Brick walls through paned glass windows are the only other view, while gloomy lights under sconces give the bar a sinister glow—but you'll probably be harassed for a cigarette rather than a duel.

Rock and Reiley’s

Thanks to the many buzzing TVs overhead, this Irish pub resembles a raucous sports bar, with over 50 brands of whiskey to pick from. Pair your whiskey or beer flights with guilt-inducing Irish Nachos, which are crafted with crispy potato slices instead of tortilla chips. Expect to brush elbows with local hipsters in the pubs, upstairs lounges, and back patios on weekends.

Plan Check

This restaurant is known for its outstanding burgers and addicting fried chicken, but the cocktails alone are reason enough to pay a visit. The drinks, which were created by wünderkid and mixologist-around-town Julian Cox, are as tasty as they are unique. A drink this place offers is a mix of chai-infused tequila, cream, orgeat, allspice dram, and bitters which is enough to tickle the tastebuds of even the most jaded of cocktail nerds, as is the impressive menu of Japanese whiskeys.



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