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The Next Chapter For Kamiki
We’re delighted to introduce a brand new Kamiki whisky and the latest dekanta exclusive – The Kamiki Sakura. Following on from the acclaimed Kamiki and Kamiki Intense expressions – the first whiskies matured in Japanese Cedar wood – this exciting new expression takes the brand an innovative step further, this time with a finish in Sakura wood, or Japanese Cherry Blossom as it is more commonly known.

Award Winning Whisky
Kamiki entered the World Whisky category in 2018 with the two previously mentioned expressions, the Original and Intense, and they received plaudits on the world stage for their creations. The whisky has quickly become a top choice among enthusiasts due to the bold and unique flavors, carefully balanced with the utmost care. The awards are already stacking up this year, winning a Gold Award at the China Wine & Spirits Awards 2019 and a Double Gold at the Women’s Wine & Spirits Awards 2019 and we’re sure there are plenty more to come.

Smooth & Intriguing
Kamiki, meaning God’s Breath in Japanese, was born at the Omiwa Shrine at the foot of Mount Niwa in Japan. Here, alcohol created by the local spirit producers is served as a blessing. Kamiki was created to further this tradition by taking a range of some of the finest whiskies from Japan and blending them with the best whiskies from overseas before maturing in a range of peculiar wood types. The results are smooth, intricate and intriguing expressions that differ from the norm and deliver a truly unique tasting experience.

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