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Vape Shipping to Florida

At Juicefly, we specialize in delivering vape products to every corner of Florida with exceptional speed and convenience, ensuring you receive premium vapes right at your doorstep.

As one of the best online vape stores in Florida, our catalog includes many top-quality vape brands, including Elf Bar, Flum, Uwell, Blu, Hyde, Hyppe Max, Pod Juice, Esco Bars, and more. 

Our brands offer various features for different user needs, including capacity, battery, nicotine level, puffs, charging, design, protection, flavors, and more.

As a distinguished vape, beer, wine, and liquor provider, we strive to offer an unparalleled shopping experience, characterized by seamless transactions, discreet and secure packaging, and exceptional customer service.

Our unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards in the industry guarantees that we consistently exceed our customers' expectations. 

We only accept Online Credit card payments for shipping.

To ensure a smooth transaction, please ensure that credit cards have a chip and match the name on the order.

Get discreet vape shipping to Florida with Juicefly!

Shipping Policy

Juicefly offers shipping within the online store, but there may be some products we can't ship to due to specific regulations. 

Orders coming in before 4 pm on business days may be processed the same day. As you purchase products from Juicefly through shipping, an adult signature is required after presenting ID verification

We won’t give products to those without verifying age through an ID. For P.O. boxes, we can't ship to them since all products require a physical address and ID verification.  

After ordering, shipping costs will be calculated based on your address or location.

Shipping delays are possible, and we aren't solely responsible if they occur since external forces like the weather may interfere. In any case, delays are out of our control, so please keep this in mind. 

When ordering from our store, there is an average shipping time of 1 - 4 business days. Please keep in mind that it isn’t a guarantee that you will get your items within this time frame.

Since we process orders upon receiving them, we can only send them out for shipping during our business hours from Monday to Friday or Saturday if the shipping carrier is working. 

We don’t process orders on the weekend, and orders placed on weekends and Fridays after 4 pm will be sent out Mondays. Upon ordering, the processing time will take up to 24 hours until a product is ready to ship. 

Please take notice: There may be external interferences that may delay shipping and processing. 

If you’re not sure whether we ship to your city, you can contact

Return Policy

You can cancel your order after you place the order online. There are different cases you can get a full refund, or you might get charged a "Restocking Fee" of up to 20% of your order. 

If you cancel your order 15 minutes after you place it online, you won't be charged a restocking fee. If you cancel the order when the order is still in our store waiting for delivery, you won't be charged a restocking fee. Please contact our store at 310-802-9687 to check if the order is out for delivery. 

When the order is packed, fulfilled, and out for shipping, there will be a "Restocking Fee” of up to 20% of your order. You will be refunded the remaining amount to your card the next business day. 

We do our best to ship on time, but there might be many reasons for late shipping, such as traffic conditions and high orders. 

Even though our vape shop in Florida has shipping times at checkout to help our customers to know what to expect, these are NOT GUARANTEED shipping times, and shipping out of this window is not a reason for cancellation with a full refund. 


If you get a package delivered under the tracking application and haven’t received it physically, please contact When contacting, remember that it must be a very recent occurrence for us to analyze the situation. 

We will do our best to solve your issues with shipping and have our support team work with you to have the best experience possible in mending any mistakes, especially if the package is missed or stolen. 

If you experience these issues, we will accommodate your needs the best we can.


Can vape products be shipped to Florida?
Yes, Juicefly offers fast and discreet vape shipping to Florida.
How much is shipping to Florida?
After ordering from the Juicefly vape shop, shipping costs will be calculated based on your address or location.
Can you buy vapes in Florida?
Yes, individuals who are at least 21 years old can legally purchase vape products in Florida.
Can you fly with a vape pen to Florida?
According to the TSA, electronic smoking devices are strictly prohibited in checked luggage, so if you intend to bring one, it must be kept in your carry-on bag.
Our Customers Say
review stars “Such a quick and easy delivery process. The delivery girl was awesome! I'll def be using them again..thanks for saving my night!!” Raashema A.
review stars “This liquor store is unlike any other! Step inside, and you'll find gorgeous displays of unique alcohol. The owner was really knowledgeable in helping me find the right wines and you can tell he curated only the best but at great prices!” M. D.
review stars “This place is lovely! A new wine and liquor with such a unique selection. It's hard to pass up its vibrancy; this just popped up out of nowhere literally; from the looks of it, it's here to stay, and I'm excited to see more progress. The managers are lovely, and the vibes are just right!” Chazsity D.
review stars “I would never order wine for delivery from any other business besides Juicefly. There have never been any issues at all, just perfect service. I was very lucky to find them. Everyone is always super nice, and professional, making the delivery process easy and quick.” Melissa Anne
review stars “By far the best delivery experience I have ever had. The ordering process was super easy, I was kept up-to-date on my order status, and my delivery driver was so friendly. Delivery time was also much faster than others who deliver the same types of products — major plus. Will definitely be my go-to moving forward.” Laura Ann Klinedinst
review stars “I've been to the establishment one time and ordered from them a few times. Each experience has always been a memorable one. The staff is polite, and the delivery personnel is extremely courteous. I will continue to get my products from Juicefly.” Charmaine Ivory
review stars “I have ordered from many vape companies and have always gone back to Juicefly. The people there are very helpful and always respond to any inquiry I make. I am a loyal customer and highly recommend Juicefly to any other vape delivery service out there.” Donna Vanneman
review stars “Always accommodating. Whenever I call or place an order, the rep or delivery person is always so kind. Would highly recommend to others.” Charmaine Ivory
review stars “Good product, fast shipping, and great customer service.” Karen Wall
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