Hyppe Bar

HYPPE BAR Delivery in Los Angeles

The Hyppe Bar is a handy disposable vape that eliminates the inconvenience of refilling and recharging with a draw-activated firing mechanism. The Hyppe Bar Disposable Pod Device has a 280mAh battery, 5 percent nicotine salt, and a 1.3mL juice reservoir within. It has a compact, unobtrusive design that fits comfortably in the palm of the hand. It's ideal for individuals who are constantly on the go and don't want to carry around a lot of gear for their vaping devices.

How many hits is a Hyppe Bar?

There are approximately 300 to 2000 hits in each Hyppe Bar depending on the model.

Hyppe Bar flavors you can buy from Juicefly

Mighty Mint

Peach Freeze

Strawberry Apple Watermelon

Gummy Teddy

Kiwi Strawberry

Apple Ice

Chewy Watermelon

Aloe Grape

Guava Ice

Strawberry Banana

Frozen Mango

Banana Ice

Virginia Tobacco

Orange Soda

Grape Soda

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