Best Red Wine Under $20

19 Crimes Cali Red 19 Crimes Cali Red
La Fiera Montepulciano La Fiera Montepulciano
19 Crimes Cabernet Sauvignon 19 Crimes Cabernet Sauvignon
Danaus Red 2018 Danaus Red 2018
CanVino Pinot Noir CanVino Pinot Noir
Weed Cellars: Cabernet Sauvignon Weed Cellars: Cabernet Sauvignon
Rivetto Barbera D'Alba Nemes Rivetto Barbera D'Alba Nemes
Apothic Red Apothic Red
Pasqua Primitivo Puglia Pasqua Primitivo Puglia
Trumpeter Malbec Trumpeter Malbec
Weed Cellars: Pinot Noir Weed Cellars: Pinot Noir
CanVino Cabernet Sauvignon CanVino Cabernet Sauvignon
Yellow Tail Merlot Yellow Tail Merlot
Rioja Castroviejo Reserva Rioja Castroviejo Reserva
Liberte Cherie Merlot Syrah Liberte Cherie Merlot Syrah

Our customers love all of our quality and high value red but they do have a favorite. Our customers ask “What are the best sweet red wines under $20?”- but don’t let that stop you from exploring our dry wines too. Juicefly simply has the best red wine under $20, both sweet and dry- take a look at our descriptions and wine blogs to see which red wine suits you best. Whether you are looking for an apéritif, wine paired with your delicious meal, or a ​digestif,  Juicefly holds the perfect combination of highest quality, most rapid delivery, and of course the best prices making our wines the highest value compared to any other service.

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