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Handy Guide To Camping With Wine

Handy Guide To Camping With Wine

So you want to go camping and want to make it a bit more fancy with wine. We support that idea a lot. Few things beat sipping a delicious wine in the peaceful wilderness, but you need to consider a few things to make your experience worthy instead of a drag. Here are some tips to make your camping trips with one much better.

Plan your location right

Because heat might cause your wine to spoil, planning your camping vacation around the weather is essential. You don't want to bring your prized DRC Montrachet if the temperature is expected to exceed 100 degrees by lunchtime. Instead, select different wine varietals based on the time of year and the location of your camping trip. It's completely fine to bring white wine like Chardonnay or lighter red varietals like Pinot Noir if you plan on camping in a mountain cabin throughout the fall, winter, or even early spring when the weather is cold 55 degrees or less.

The most typical issue I have with wine collectors who wish to learn how to take wine camping is that they insist on bringing their best bottles, even if the weather is hot. When camping with wine, the first guideline to remember is to prepare for the worst. Bring no more wine than you can afford to lose.


How to pack your wine for a camping trip

You'll need to correctly pack the wine in your car. Place ice packs in the bottom of a cooler large enough to accommodate your wine for the simplest option. Instead of placing your bottles directly on top of the ice packs, place them in Styrofoam holders designed for normal wine bottles and place those holders on top of the ice packs. The foam maintains a constant internal temperature for the wine, preventing it from being excessively hot or cold, while the gel cold packs keep the interior of the cooler below 55 degrees for hours at a time.

To keep your bottles cold, keep your travel time under 10 hours. If you know your journey will take longer than this, rent an RV and plug a wine fridge into one of the outlets inside. Alternatively, to minimize room in your car, pour your bottled wine into a specially packaged tap. The good news is that wine is a better choice for camping than beer pound for the pound because it has a higher ABV, which means you get more alcohol for less space. Fortified wines, such as Port, have the maximum alcohol content for their size, and they can also endure harsher conditions for brief periods of time.



Don’t forget the tools!

You'll need two corkscrews, rope, a sealable container, and extra gel packs if you want to become an expert on camping with wine. Always keep a handheld waiter's corkscrew on hand, as well as a more complicated double-hinged screw with a small knife to cut the foil. Put a sticky note on the bottles you plan to take with you as soon as you plan your vacation to remember your corkscrews. Make a list of everything you need to know about caring for your bottles.


The first challenge is getting your bottle open; you'll also need to keep your wine chilled for days in the unpredictable outdoors. Direct water cooling or night cooling are the two options available to you. Only use water cooling if you have access to cold water, such as a lake or a well. You can either attach the neck of the bottle to a stake in the ground or another solid object with the rope, then gently submerge the rest of the bottle in the water. If you don't have access to a lake, you can fill a container with cold water and place the bottle inside. To avoid contamination, keep the cork away from the water.

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Simply place your gel packs in the coolest position possible overnight to allow them to cool naturally. Place them in a cooler and place them in a dark area of camp or inside your tent once they've cooled. You can also keep the gel packs cool by running cold water over them. You'll have the perfect camping experience as long as your wine stays at a comfortable 55 degrees and you can open your bottles.


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