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California Wine Association

California Wine Association

California Wine Association, a collection of wineries and traders from the San Francisco Bay Area, joined forces to achieve advantageous financial control over the market. Volumes include membership lists, the minutes of board meetings, and the terms of contracts with grape producers and other wineries, including Frederick and Jacob Beringer of Napa. Additionally, the documents provided insight into the association's founding, the overall health of the California wine market, competition from other countries' markets, Prohibition, and the C.W.A.'s dissolution, including lawsuits and member resignations.

Founders Charles Carpy of C. Carpy & Company, Charles Kohler and Henry Kohler of Napa Valley Wine Company, Kohler and Frohling, C. Carpy & Company, B. Dreyfus & Company, and Kohler and Van Bergen are among the notable association members represented in the collection. Other notable members include Albert Lachman, Henry Lachman, and Samuel Lachman of S. Lachman & Company and Lachman & Jacobi Additionally represented are the companies Aguillon & Busatelli and C. Schilling & Company, which are both included in the joint holdings of the association.

History of California Wine Association

During the 1894 Great Depression, the top seven California wine companies came together to form the California Wine Association in an effort to negotiate favorable terms with grape farmers and winemakers, increase pricing, and promote trade. The wine business was in grave danger in 1894. The 200,000 acres of vineyards in California were overproducing, and wines from that state were going for as little as ten cents per gallon. Both California wineries and the dealers were in grave financial problems due to the persistent financial crisis throughout the nation. The California Wine Association was established on August 10, 1894, with a capital stock of $100,000 and the goal of controlling 80% of the wine produced in the state. The uniform syndicate had significant negotiating power over winemakers over the following 20 years. Additionally, the united businesses would establish pricing for the grapes they had contracted to grow based on vintages and local features.

Back to Modern Wine Trading in California

Luckily, as a wine delivery service in Los Angeles, we do not have to deal with the problems of the past. Every day, we deliver the best red wines, white wines, and other alcoholic drinks to residents of Los Angeles as well as California. Alcohol isn’t the only thing we deliver every day. You can also find groceries and vapes on our menu!

Here are some of the wines you can order in Los Angeles:


La Petite Madeleine Malbec is made with 100% Malbec garpes with biodynamic properties. It contains no added sulfites so it is as natural as it gets. This nice rare wine is light and smooth with sensations of fresh fruit. It is good to drink lightly chilled.


This Sauvignonasse, Rebula, and Malvasia orange wine have a pleasant bouquet. In enormous oak “foudres”, the Rebula spends 10 months in touch with the skins. One month of skin contact and eight months of lees aging in stainless steel are applied to the Malvasia and Sauvignonasse. Slovenia's most beautiful western region, Gorika Brda, is tucked in between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea. Although it the treacherous to work in steeply terraced vineyards, the wines are magnificent, mineral-driven, and fantastic with meals.


Domaine Fevre Chablis Villages 2020 has a powerful fragrance with aromas of peach, pears, and citrus that are complemented with a very pronounced minerality. Rich and powerful on the palate, with a lovely mineral balance.


This superb Merlot begins with fragrant rose hip, tart blood orange, and rhubarb smells, as well as a glimmer of bay leaf, blackberry, and red pepper. On the palate, a delightful, delicate entry accompanied by rich, savory undertones features a lot of luscious, ripe red fruit. A pleasing freshness is added by the youthful, chalky tannins and balanced acid structure, which results in a focused, harmonious aftertaste.


This white wine offers notes of peach, pineapple, and even citrus blossoms. On the palate, there are hints of vanilla, peach taste, and a finish of lemon zest and ginger. This varietal from Southern Italy offers a full mouthfeel and a sophisticated, lingering finish.

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