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french wine delivery in Los Angeles

5 French Rose Wines You Can Order In Los Angeles

France continues to reign supreme in the realm of rose wines. But there's a lot more to say about the country's dazzling bottlings since they're created from a variety of grapes cultivated in special kinds of soils and come in different hues. Among all the other high-rated wines that Juicefly delivers every day to its customers, you can order some of the best and most affordable rose wines in Los Angeles from Juicefly and have them delivered to you on the same day!

Here are some of the options that you can consider to have a taste of great french rose wines: 

ULTIMATE PROVENCE ROSE delivery in los angeles

ULTIMATE PROVENCE ROSE Delivery in Los Angeles

From the bottle to the contents, this wine is wonderful. The scent is layered with raspberry and strawberry jam, leading to a lovely, yet peppery palate. A lively wine with plenty of acidity for food pairing but enough roundness to be enjoyed on its own. This wine is perfect for every occasion. The color of this one is a brilliant pastel pink with specks of copper reflections. A unique blend of traditional Provençal red berries leads to festive fragrances of pine, cinnamon, and cookies. Syrah's spice characteristics give the wine a dry, white pepper flavor that lingers on the mouth. A touch of Rolle adds brightness and acidity, with aromas of winter citrus, spice, and a warming aftertaste.

CHATEAU DE BERNE ROMANCE delivery in los angeles

CHATEAU DE BERNE ROMANCE Delivery in Los Angeles

Straight from the Mediterranean's sunny coastlines. This wine is delicate and light pink in color, with a 12.5 percent ABV. Freshly plucked summer peaches and strawberry cream dance about your mouth while beautiful flower and berry fragrances stimulate your senses. This is a superb wine that deserves to be consumed on its own!

VIEVITÉ ROSÉ delivery in los angeles

VIEVITÉ ROSÉ Delivery in Los Angeles

VieVité emanates the colors of a real Côtes de Provence rose wine, with a stunning translucent pink color. An aroma of juicy tropical fruit is complemented by a delightful fragrance of white flowers and a subtle hint of spice on the nose. A crisp and delicate finish is created by well-rounded fruit aromas and balanced acidity on the palate.

EMOTION MEDITERRANEE ROSÉ 2020 delivery in los angeles

EMOTION MEDITERRANEE ROSE 2020 Delivery in Los Angeles

This wine has a delicate pink tint and is truly Provencal. On the nose, there's a lot of tree blossom, pear and blood orange fruit notes, and delicate undertones of scented potpourri. This wine's incredible acidity brings your taste buds to life. The blend of Cinsault and Grenache gives the wine a remarkable balance of savory and red fruit flavors that will appeal to a wide range of palates. This flexible wine pairs well with all the delicacies from the sea.

COEUR CLEMENTINE ROSE delivery in los angeles

COEUR CLEMENTINE ROSE Delivery in Los Angeles

Clementine's latest release is a lively, crisp, and well-balanced rose with flavors of lemon pith, redcurrant, and rose petal. The texture is fine and delicate, with a refinement reminiscent of white wine. With a hint of white pepper and a light grip, the finish is deliciously dry.

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