Top Vape Flavors Of This Summer! (2023)
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Boost Your Vaping Game: Top Vape Flavors Of This Summer!

Boost Your Vaping Game: Top Vape Flavors Of This Summer!

Welcome vape lovers! As the summer rolls in, it's time to spice things up with some new and exciting flavors for you to enjoy.

In this post, we provide the lineup for the best vape flavors of this summertime.

From fruity favorites to surprising varieties, we've got something that will satisfy even the pickiest vapers out there.

So kick back, relax and explore what's in store—you won't want to miss these top picks of must try vape flavors this season!

Best Vape Flavors to Buy This Summer

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Here are some astounding vape flavors you can enjoy this summer.

Flum Float Banana Ice

With an 8ml e-juice capacity and 5% nicotine, Flum Float Banana Ice delivers approximately 3000 puffs in a compact, light, and portable design. It's surely one of the best vape flavors for this summer.

Wave Strawberry Banana 

Wave Strawberry Banana vapes feature a 650mAh rechargeable battery, 18mL of pre-filled 50mg nic salt, and a lifespan that will last up to 8000 puffs. 

Top summer vape flavors

Lucid Charge Aloe Pineapple Ice

If you're looking for a sleek and durable disposable vape, Lucid Charge is your perfect choice. With a rechargeable design, this device can deliver up to 7000 puffs and is equipped with a convenient USB Type-C charge port.

Delivering an incredibly smooth and rich vaping experience, it employs a mesh coil and comes with a 5% nicotine salt e-juice for that satisfying hit.

Elf Bar BC3500 Energy

Each stylish and compact Elf Bar BC3500 Disposable features a pre-filled 10.5ml E-Liquid capacity, 650mAh battery, and 3500 puffs. And Energy flavor is the sweet and sour mix that tastes just like your favorite caffeine-heavy, carbonated drink.

Flum Pebble X Sunshine Icy 

Flum Pebble X Sunshine Icy is an excellent summer vape, featuring a pre-filled 14mL e-juice capacity, 5% nicotine strength, and 6000 puffs in a non-rechargeable disposable.

One Up Tropical Burst

One Up Tropical Burst is another great option to boost your vape game this summer. It brings 6000 puffs, 5.0% nicotine, and 13ml pre-filled e-liquid. 

Top Summer Vape Flavors - Tropical burst

With an auto draw and internal airflow features, you can customize your vaping experience according to your preferences.

Elf Bar Lemon Mint

Elf Bar 4% Nicotine Vape features a small box but big power! The flagon container design of this handheld vape provides a comfortable user experience. Once you hold it, you'll love it! Prepare to enjoy a unique vape flavor that perfectly blends sweet, sour and mint all into one.

Funky Republic California Cherry 

Offering 17ml e-liquid, 5% nicotine level, and 7000 puffs, Funky Republic TI7000 vapes are just amazing! You'll indulge in a well-crafted sweet and sour cherry flavor.  

Flum Float Lemon Cane Ice 

Flum Float 0% Nicotine is a nicotine-free disposable device that offers 3000 puffs. Lemon Cane Ice employs a draw-activated firing system and comes pre-charged, ensuring you can start vaping straight out of the box. 

Phun Ultra L.A. Summer Ice

Phun Ultra 6000 Puffs (Made By Flum) is an innovative vape with top-quality materials. It offers 14mL of prefilled eLiquid and 5% nicotine strength.

Top Summer Vape Flavors - LA Summer Ice
Enjoy convenient use thanks to the easy-to-use Type-C port for easy charging. You'll never have to worry about running out of battery after only one smoking session again.

Pod Pocket Blue Razz Ice 

For an unforgettable summer vape session, try out Pod Pocket brand new 7500 Puff! These rechargeable and disposable vapes fit perfectly in your pocket or purse. Each vape comes loaded with 5% synthetic nicotine, and holds up to 7500 puffs! 


Can you buy flavored vapes in Los Angeles?

Yes, you can buy vapes in Los Angeles. Juicefly offers fast and discreet vape delivery to all parts of Los Angeles.

How to order vape in Los Angeles?

All you have to do to order a vaping device in Los Angeles is browse through our vape options, add them to your cart, and place your order in no time.


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