National Mezcal Day: What You Need To Know
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National Mezcal Day: What You Need To Know

National Mezcal Day: What You Need To Know

There are dozens of celebrations around the country that allow everyone an opportunity to have fun with family and friends, especially National Mezcal Day. 

National Mezcal Day is a day to celebrate a distilled agave spirit drink that originated in Mexico over 400 years ago. The Mezcal drink is a symbol of Mexico’s history and is celebrated across the U.S for its savory and smoky tastes. 

When celebrating the special day, there are some things you should know to have a fun celebration. 

Whether you want to learn about it or desire to try some Mezcal drinks at home, you will have a fun Mezcal day!

What Exactly Is Mezcal?

The agave plant is used to produce mezcal, a distilled spirit (38-55% ABV) made from various forms of agave.

There are more than 40 different varieties of the agave plant that can be used to make mezcal with several types of quality Mezcal options to choose from to enjoy.


Tequila, on the other hand, is produced solely from Blue Weber agave.

The most popular top-shelf Mezcal products include.

Mezcal is available in a range of flavors, from sweet and fruity to smoky and earthy. 

Due to its wide range of flavor pairings, it is perfect for creating fascinating cocktails.

What Is National Mezcal Day?

National Mezcal Day is where you celebrate an artisanal agave drink mixed with distinct flavor profiles to honor Mexico’s history and craftsmanship. Mexican citizens craft the Mezcal drink in the heart of Oaxaca, Mexico. 

For those wanting to enjoy the Mezcal beverage, you can start understanding the historical dynamics of how the Mezcal liquor came into Mexico and the U.S. 

It was made by natives over 400 years ago until finalizing the product of the Mezcal drink. 

Several hundred years before they crafted Mezcal, many Mexican citizens lived poorly until someone wanted to develop production practices from agave. 

The plant grows in fields in Mexico and has given an income to many families who were living poorly. Many importers gave those families a chance to work for them so they can develop the Mezcal drink and import it throughout the world.  

There are several individuals who enjoy having a couple of drinks made from agave, especially if the Mezcal drink is made differently from seed to drink than most beverages on the market. 

Everyone relishes National Mezcal day by crafting unique beverages such as cocktails and margaritas. 

When Is National Mezcal Day? 

Mezcal is celebrated on October 21st every year by Americans and others across diverse countries. For those looking to celebrate, mark your calendars for the special day. 


It’s a good day to thank the Mexican citizens for making a delicious and distinct beverage. Without it, there wouldn’t be a celebration or a delectable beverage to try. 

Why Is Mezcal So Special?

Mezcal is special due to the unique flavor profiles it brings and how its distilled with 30 to 50 distinct variations of agave. When crafting Mezcal, the pits of agave become cooked before the distillation process giving its smoky flavor. 

It’s no wonder how the Mezcal liquor got popular enough to name it a national day. The unique story and well-crafted spirit drink are enough to get anyone’s attention. 

Is Mezcal Healthier Than Tequila?

Mezcal is definitely healthier than tequila since it has distinct agave varieties straight from the plant and goes through a purer and cleaner distillation process. 

Many may gravitate toward the drink due to its healthier qualities and delectable taste. It’s still wise to consume moderate amounts since Mezcal is an alcoholic drink. 

Mezcal may be the drink you need for a healthier alternative to other sugary drinks on the market. 

Tequila is only crafted with one type of agave such as blue agave. The drink doesn’t go through a lot to get the final result of tequila. It’s still a fairly tasty drink numerous enjoy for parties and special events. 

It’s nothing like Mezcal since you get more agave varieties and a rigorous production procedure to give you the final result. 

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