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Rayu Joven Ensamble Mezcal

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Produced in the state of Oaxaca and fermented from a combination of agave species: Madrecuishe, Jabali, and Espadin. The Madrecuishe and Jabali will be at peak maturity in 15-18 years, where the Espadin will mature in 7 years. After reaching maturity they are harvested by hand and milled with mallets, then fermented in open air pine wood vats, and twice distilled in a copper still.

This mezcal has a big personality, crystalline color and aromas of citrus, minerals, and earth. The Jabli offers butter and hazelnut notes, while the Madrecuishe provides a mineral note bursting with flavors of moist earth, dried trees, and freshly cut herbs. Espadin provides a silky fruit tree of citrus.

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