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7 Best Mezcal Brands You Can Order In Los Angeles

7 Best Mezcal Brands You Can Order In Los Angeles

We're willing to wager that you've had tequila on more than one occasion, and possibly even overindulged. However, you may not be familiar with mezcal, which we like to view as tequila's older, smokier, and all-around more mature sibling. Outside of its home Mexico, mezcal has grown in prominence in recent years, and our drinks and palates have benefited as a result. It's gone from a back-of-the-bar curiosity to a top-shelf spirit in no time.

How Is Mezcal Made?

Unlike tequila, which must be manufactured from blue agave, mezcal can be made from any of the 150 agave species endemic to Mexico, including a mix of them. However, five types are the most common: Espadín, Tobalá, Arroqueño, Tobaziche, and TepeztateAlthough some agave is grown commercially, the majority of the plants grow wild in the countryside. They mature in roughly eight years. The leaves are pulled away when they're ready to be harvested, leaving only the heart, or pia. Pia is cooked in cone-shaped pits lined with stones or bricks by mezcal manufacturers. The sugars in the agave caramelize while the pias roast over a wood fire for two to three days, giving mezcal its signature smokey flavor.

Best Mezcal Brands In Los Angeles

  1. El Silencio
  2. Rayu Mezcal
  3. Clase Azul
  4. Ilegal
  5. Montelobos
  6. Despacio
  7. Madre

Juicefly loves delivering the best mezcal in Los Angeles. We offer same-day alcohol delivery, so your order will be delivered to your door in 60 minutes or less! We also provide scheduled alcohol delivery, which allows you to select the most convenient delivery date and time. Juicefly's delivery service is as straightforward as it gets, and we're available online seven days a week. Discover our extensive selection of premium tequilas and mezcals. You have the option of paying online or at the time of delivery. Here are the best mezcal brands in our collection and bottles that you need to try.

El Silencio


El Silencio Mezcal

Mezcal El Silencio is manufactured in Oaxaca, Mexico, utilizing a traditional procedure passed down through generations of mezcal brewers. Hand-picked agave pias are roasted, crushed, and double-distilled to provide a rich, full-bodied flavor. El Silencio Mezcal has a deep, smokey flavor and is made entirely with Espadin agave. With this traditional mezcal, you can take your Margarita or Bloody Mary to a new level!

Rayu Mezcal


Rayu Joven Ensamble Mezcal

Produced in the state of Oaxaca from a blend of agave species, including Madrecuishe, Jabali, and Espadin. In 15-18 years, the Madrecuishe and Jabali will reach full maturity, while the Espadin will need 7 years. They are collected by hand and milled with mallets after reaching maturity, then fermented in open-air pine wood vats and distilled twice in a copper still. This mezcal has a strong personality, with a crystalline color and citrus, mineral, and earthy scents. The Madrecuishe has a mineral note with flavors of damp earth, dry trees, and freshly cut herbs, while the Jabli has butter and hazelnut aromas. Espadin produces a smooth citrus fruit tree. 

Clase Azul


Clase Azul Mezcal Joven Guerrero 

This artisanal mezcal is made from 100 percent wild Papalote Agave, which is grown and cultivated in the mountains of Guerrero, where the tropical climate, combined with the use of native wood in the production process, bestows aromas and raw flavors, herbal notes, a subtle heat, and gentle smoky flavor. 


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Ilegal Mezcal

With a mouthful of agave and a trace of smoke, Ilegal Mezcal has a beautifully balanced flavor. The  Joven, Reposado, and Aejo mezcals are all created from perfectly ripe, sustainable Espadn agave, double distilled in the Santiago Matatlan Valley of Oaxaca, Mexico, by fourth-generation mezcaleros. Every step of our process, from harvest to first drink, demonstrates our commitment to quality.



Montelobos Mezcal Joven Espadin

Montelobos Joven is a handcrafted Mezcal manufactured in Santiago Matatlán from 100% organically certified agave Espadin. Iván Saldaa, a scientist and distiller, collaborated with mezcalero Don Abel Lopez to create this Mezcal. It's crafted with Saldaa's vision and passion for agave and artisanal mezcal in mind, with a focus on traditional production methods, sustainability, and the quality of life in the communities and families who have been producing mezcal for centuries.



Despacio Mezcal

Despacio Mezcal has an almost unfair advantage in taste, smoothness, and quality due to its collaboration with a world-class distillery and one of the best and most well-known mezcaleros on the planet, Amando Alvarez. Despacio Mezcal is something else, whether you're enjoying it plain or adding just the proper amount of smokiness to a cocktail.


 buy MADRE MEZCAL ESPADIN in los angeles

Madre Mezcal Espadin

Madre Espadin allows a single varietal's full range of flavors to show through. This single varietal mix achieves a mouthfeel and smoothness that surpasses far more expensive and rare varietals by using Espadin agaves from several geographies and terroirs, each picked for distinct flavor profiles. Madre Espadin is a light, clean, and smooth spirit with earthy smells and a well-balanced flavor. The palate is vibrant with flavors of ginger and pine, with sandalwood and subtle mesquite grounding it. The mouthfeel is round and rich, with a mellow alcohol aftertaste.


Madre Mezcal Ensamble

By harmonizing the flavors of Espadin and Cuishe agaves, Madre Ensemble seeks to change the impression that all mezcal is extremely smokey. It's a terrific first sip for a beginner mezcal drinker or a daily sipper for a seasoned mezcal lover. Every drop of Madre is infused with the natural flavors of the agave and earth from where it derives, using the same artisanal procedures employed for millennia. Madre opens palates to an exploration of sweet and mineral flavors, with faint sage tones, with less smoke than typical mezcals.

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