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5 Vaping Facts You Need To Know

5 Vaping Facts You Need To Know

Vaping appears to be a craze that isn't going away anytime soon. Vaping remains a mystery for many people, despite the fact that the decade-old industry is still thriving. Some individuals think of it as a helpful tool for quitting smoking, while others think of it as destructive and dangerous. Could there be something about vaping that you don't know despite its popularity?

Vaping became popular in Asia first

Hon Lik has been selling his products in China since 2005, and it was the first country to embrace vaping. The movement eventually spread throughout Asia, but it wasn't until 2006 that Western customers became aware of it. In 2006 and 2007, vaping became legal in Europe and the United States, respectively.

There are almost 7,000 different e-liquid flavors to choose from

These days, there are an infinite amount of e-liquid flavors available. Vapers have an almost limitless array of flavors to choose from, ranging from fruity and coffee to dessert and everything in between. One of the main reasons people like vaping so much is that you can change up your flavor profile whenever you want!

Some vapes can leak

Mismatched coil resistance and vape juice could also cause leakage. A sub-ohm coil (one with a resistance of less than 1.0 ohm) is suited for a highly concentrated e-juice containing the VG solvent, for example. If you use a larger concentration of PG juice instead, it will leak.

To avoid this, ensure that your equipment is free of any symptoms of leaking and that it is always stored safely when not in use. For inexperienced vapers, keeping everything in working order could be a major pain. In that scenario, the simplest answer is to buy leak-proof vapes

Be on the lookout for "vape tongue"!

Vaping too much of a single flavor can result in a "vape tongue." It essentially causes you to lose your taste for that certain flavor. This occurrence has been observed on numerous online forums, with vapers reporting no flavor or an unpleasant taste.

It's important to clarify, however, that vape tongue does not imply that you've fully lost your sense of taste. It simply implies you won't be able to detect a single flavor. You can either switch to a different flavor or take a 10- to 14-day sabbatical from smoking to cure your taste buds.

Cloud chasers are real

While this isn't exactly a vaping fact, it does pertain to vapes. Cloud chasing is something of a cult among vapers. Cloud chasers adjust their equipment in order to release a thick cloud of vapor. There are also tournaments in which the winner must create the longest and widest clouds possible.

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The Big Boy Aloe Grape disposable vaporizer is pre-filled with 10ml of juice with 6% nicotine and produces roughly 4000 puffs in a compact, light, and portable design with a rechargeable battery. The vape gadget does not require any filling or pod switching because it is disposable. Simply purchase a replacement when your Big Boy Aloe Grape vaporizer runs out of juice. The Big Boy Aloe Grape disposable vape device is ideal for newcomers to vaping, with enough performance and flavor to please even the most discerning vapers.


The Big Boy Glow is a disposable vape with a draw-activation firing mechanism and an LED that lights up the vape when used. It lasts about 3500 puffs. It has an e-liquid capacity of 8.0 mL and is made with 5% salt nicotine e-liquid.


The Flum Float Delo Lychee Disposable Vape is manufactured with 5 percent salt nicotine e-juice and gives consumers around 3000 puffs. It has a luscious lychee flavor with floral undertones, comparable to grape and pear.


The Ignite V15 Disposable E-Cig uses synthetic salt nicotine e-liquid to provide a smooth and tasty vaping experience. It has a draw-activation firing mechanism and a built-in 800 mAh battery that provides about 1500 puffs. Each vape pen comes with 5.1 mL of e-juice containing 5% salt nicotine.If you like it, you should try this product.


Flum Float Peach Iced Tea features a soft rubberized coating that makes it easy to grasp and vape. The Flum Gio e-cigarette comes with 8mL of 5 percent nicotine e-liquid and about 3000 puffs.

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