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Gold Tequila

What is gold tequila?

Gold tequila is named after its beautiful amber color. Gold tequilas can be made from mixing silver tequila with more aged tequila, such as reposado, to achieve that beautiful golden hue. Gold tequilas can also be made by aging tequila for up to 60 days to achieve a golden color. Gold tequilas can also get their color from caramel coloring that is added before the fermentation process to give the product a more refined look. You should check to see that the bottle says 100% agave gold tequila, otherwise, the manufacturer may have added sugar and caramel coloring. Adding caramel coloring is a cheaper way to achieve a gold tequila.

Gold tequila vs. silver tequila: What’s the difference?

Silver tequila is also known as blanco tequila. It is a clear liquid that is usually bottled straight after the distillation process, but some producers may age it for up to 60 days in stainless-steel containers. Silver tequila is usually the cheapest type of tequila because it requires the least amount of effort to make. Gold tequila has usually been aged for more than 60 days and has a golden amber color. Due to being aged in wooden casks, this type of tequila has a richer flavor profile than silver tequila.

Is gold tequila good?

Gold tequila is often the tequila of choice for taking shots. This tequila has a smooth, slightly sweet taste and is less harsh than silver tequila. Bartenders will often choose gold tequila to use in a margarita to complement the fruity flavors.


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