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What Wine Goes Well With Fried Chicken

What Wine Goes Well With Fried Chicken

Consider matching a fantastic fried chicken supper with a delicious wine the next time you have one. Choose a wine that matches the chicken's flavor. Both aspects of your food will taste better if they are properly paired.

When it comes to wine and fried chicken, sparkling wine is your best bet. You'll never associate fried chicken with coke, lemonade, or sweet tea again once you've had it. The acidity in the wine refreshes your palate, making you want to take another bite. We selected some of the best sparkling wines to pair with fried chicken. Pick your favorite and enjoy your meal. 



We start with a fancy one. Fried chicken and Dom Pérignon are perfect together. if you are willing to go a little bit extra. This brut champagne glows in your mouth with a brilliant sweetness of tropical fruits. The tingling of orange zest and the mist of a mandarin orange gradually give way to more moderate tones. The wine opens up and reveals its freshness. After the rain, the bloom. A peony, jasmine, and lilac tactile feel. The wine's huge presence, full and massive, is immediately apparent. As the tactile is quickly overrun by the smell, a sappy sense predominate. The body takes shape: generous, firm, and in control. The wine vibrates with spices and pepper as it contracts.



With the crisp, refreshing flavors of La Marca Prosecco, elevate your fried chicken. With each taste, La Marca Prosecco, made in Treviso, Italy from the Glera grape, provides an elegant, rich experience. Enjoy delicate flowery flavors with a bright glint. Open the bottle to fresh-picked citrus and honeysuckle scents, as well as luscious flavors of green apple, juicy peach, and ripe lemon. With a subtle sweetness, the finish is light and pleasant on the palate.



This prosecco blend consists of 85% Glera, 15% Chardonnay, and 5% Pinot Grigio. The Luna Nuda Prosecco has a bright, light straw hue and a delicate, long-lasting perlage. A delicate bouquet of floral notes with undertones of juicy golden apples and mountain flowers greets the senses. The finish is crisp and refreshing, with fruit aromas that linger on the palate. When it comes to fried meals, this sparkling wine shines.



Luca Paretti Brut has a delicate yellow color with lime green hues and fine bubbles, with modest scents of green apple and peach with floral notes, making it ideal for pairing with fried chicken. On the palate, it has a delicate but refreshing acidity, and the hint of fruit is pleasantly pleasurable for those who appreciate exotic fruit.


Benvolio Prosecco has lively flavors of fresh peaches, lemon, grapefruit, and green apples that you will adore with every drink. Fresh citrus aromas mingle with overtones of fresh flowers and sweet honey in this golden-colored sparkling. It has a light, crisp, and refreshing finish that is ideal for fried chicken.

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