7 Best California Chardonnay You May Have Overlooked In 2023
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Best California Chardonnays You May Have Overlooked In 2023

Best California Chardonnays You May Have Overlooked In 2023

With so many wines to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to begin if you want an exquisite bottle of California Chardonnay.

Luckily for you, we have taken the time to source some truly remarkable bottles that are often overlooked in favor of more popular choices.

From bold and buttery styles to crisp and vibrant selections, here are 10 of our favorite California Chardonnay offerings from the year 2023.

Read on for a delicious journey into this classic white wine variety!

Best California Chardonnays For 2023

Edna Valley Chardonnay 

The Central Coast Chardonnay from Edna Valley Vineyard is a medium-bodied, crisp white wine with fresh aromas of apple and apricot. This delightful white wine is loaded with hints of rich tropical fruit and is well-balanced with modest oak and a buttery texture.  

Best California Chardonnays of the Year
This Chardonnay wine can be enjoyed alone or with light pasta and poultry meals.

The Naked Grape Chardonnay

The Naked Grape Chardonnay has become a cult favorite. It has a delicious baked apple and caramel flavor
It's a medium-bodied California Chardonnay with a lingering fruit finish, thanks to its delicate and creamy palate.

Frei Brothers Chardonnay

This Chardonnay from Russian River Valley is a delicate, subtle expression of one of Sonoma's most known cool-climate locations.


Green apple, orange zest, and apple pie flavors are prominent in this wine, accented by butter and toast aromas. Frei Brothers Chardonnay has a smooth finish and a velvety mouthfeel, thanks to its rich, nutty characteristics.

Weed Cellars Chardonnay

This wine is a perfect example of California Central Coast showing off all its tropical fruit glory: pineapple, banana, and guava fruity notes—beautifully balanced fruit to acidity. 


Pair this astounding California Chardonnay with salmon, chicken, pork, or pasta. It's also a perfect companion for cheesy salads, creamy sauces, tropical fruits including peach and mango, macadamia nuts, mild curries, and buttery sauces. Keep this one handy and chilled.

Carmel Road Chardonnay

The 2019 Carmel Road Chardonnay Wine is a fresh and vibrant wine with stone fruit aromas and tropical citrus flavors. Rich and textured, it has a smooth finish.

Best California Chardonnays 2023 - Carmel Road Chardonnay

Chardonnay is so rich, it doesn’t need oak. Refreshing acidity, courtesy of the cool climate, heightens the golden mango, tangerine, Asian pear, white flower, vanilla bean, and butter cream flavors, leading to a long finish.

Taft Street Chardonnay Russian River Valley

With a bright nose of pear and lemon, this Chardonnay highlights fruit-forward flavors of honeysuckle and apple.

Best California chardonnays of the year - Taft Street Chardonnay Russian River Valley 2021

The French Oak and partial malolactic fermentation add a delightfully creamy combination of toasted almond and creme brulee. The result is a bright, fruit-forward wine with a long, enjoyable finish. 

Grgich Hills Chardonnay Napa Valley

One of the best California Chardonnays of the year, this one entices you with its bouquet of fresh peach, Asian pear, citrus, and honeycomb, captivating your senses.

Its flavors are equally intricate, featuring charming hints of red pepper and Madagascar vanilla, followed by vibrant notes of fresh lemon, green apple, wildflower honey, stone fruit, and a subtle touch of lavender.

The wine's opulent and velvety texture finds harmony in its lively acidity, resulting in remarkable minerality and a gratifyingly prolonged finish.

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