17 April Malbec World Day - 5 Malbec Wines You Should Try
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17 April Malbec World Day - 5 Malbec Wines You Should Try

17 April Malbec World Day - 5 Malbec Wines You Should Try

The most well-known Argentine wine is Malbec. Malbec grape is native to France unlike California wine grapes, where it is one of the red Bordeaux ones. Malbec output in France was severely hampered by disease and a hard frost in 1956. Malbec was planted in Argentina for the first time in 1853 at the suggestion of Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, who eventually became Argentina's seventh president. The first plantings of Malbec are commemorated on Malbec World Day. As Argentine wine production switched toward quality wine in the late twentieth century, vintners found the special attributes of their Malbec.


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So here are the top 5 Malbec wines we recommend:



This is an organic, boxed malbec that sips like a bottle of malbec. The wine has a deep purple hue and an aromatic, medium-plus-intensity nose with notes of blackberry, red currant, black plum, and kirsch, as well as undertones of sagebrush and violet bloom. The dry, medium-plus-bodied malbec boasts medium-intensity crimson and black fruit notes backed by medium acidity and ripe, medium tannin on the palate. The wine is generally uncomplicated, with rich fruit and good depth of character. It's definitely worth a try, especially with grilled meats.

 MAAL IMPOSIBLE national wine delivery in los angeles

MAAL IMPOSIBLE Delivery in Los Angeles

MAAL has heard that producing exceptional wines without utilizing traditional oak barrels is impossible, which has pushed them to look into different ways of combining the benefits of oak into the wine. Instead of utilizing standard barrels, the winery began experimenting with French oak staves inside cement vats. Dark berry scents mingle with earthy, spicy, and edgy notes on the nose, leading to a vibrant tongue with prickly acidity and a slight tartaric burn on the palate of this beautiful Malbec wine. Generous black-fruit aromas are backed by toasted depth, and a somewhat spicy finish keeps this in check.  

FINCA EL ORIGEN PHI malbec delivery in los angeles 

FINCA EL ORIGEN PHI Delivery in Los Angeles

With cocoa, tobacco, and marzipan flavors, this Malbec-led combination has a rich, mature, and majestic scent. The palate is round, clean, and full-bodied, with blackberry, cassis, and chocolate notes that turn smokey, spicy, and peppery on the long and wonderfully crafted finish.
LA POSTA PIZELLA VALLE DE UCO MALBEC delivery in los angeles


The scents of black cherry, dark fruits, dark chocolate, and baker's spice pervade this wine. The wine has deep blackberry and plum flavors on the tongue, as well as traces of sandalwood and spice, and even a whiff of violets in the aftertaste. The Valle De Uco Malbec from La Posta Pizella is a full-bodied, well-structured wine that is bursting with life and made to be savored with food and companions. It pairs well with a variety of dishes, particularly meat and BBQ.

 RUTINI CABERNET - MALBEC delivery in los angeles

RUTINI CABERNET MALBEC Delivery in Los Angeles

A deep ruby red Malbec hybrid and a pair of French varietals produce a pleasant and balanced red wine. Malbec adds nuance to the blend with soft and sweet tannins, enhancing a unique combination of fruity flavors and aromas. Cabernet Sauvignon delivers its full-bodied character, This fusion adds nuance to the blend with soft and sweet tannins, enhancing a unique combination of fruity flavors and aromas.

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