What A Day To Be Alive, It Is National White Wine Day!
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What A Day To Be Alive, It Is National White Wine Day!

What A Day To Be Alive, It Is National White Wine Day!

We can celebrate National White Wine Day to honor this great alcoholic beverage. White wine has been a popular beverage choice for many years. There are countless options, ranging from Pinot Grigio to Chardonnay. This is the day for you to indulge in white wine without feeling guilty, whether you enjoy a glass before dinner or like to pair different varieties of wine with your meals.

The History Behind National White Wine Day

Wine production can be traced back to what is now Iran, where the oldest wine-related artifacts are believed to have originated. No archaeological evidence has been able to pinpoint the exact time that wine originated, although we are very convinced that it happened a very long time ago. What is certain is that it has always been held in great regard and utilized in religious ceremonies and trade between the aristocracy and the rich. It has been regarded as a gift fit for kings and queens, and older vintages have been stored away in cool, dark corners like priceless artifacts.

The majority of wines produced in Germany and Switzerland are white wines, while the northern half of France is likewise renowned for its wide selection of white wines. They are frequently combined with seafood and are thought to be some of the tastiest wines. In truth, a unique variety of white wine called Cava is produced in Catalonia, while champagne itself is a sparkling white wine that is only made in the French region of Champagne. National White Wine Day honors the history of this golden wine and exhorts us all to enjoy it all year long.

Champagne is undoubtedly the most popular variety of white wine, and it has been around for a while. The Romans were the ones who first brought grape-growing to the Champagne region, where vineyards have existed since the dawn of time. They discovered the area's distinctive soil, which results from the region's sloping terrain, chalky subsoil, and oceanic environment. While red and rose wines were previously produced on the vines, champagne as we know it did not emerge until the 17th century.

People started to learn how to control the wine's natural fizz throughout the 17th century. Although you don't have to be a royal to drink champagne, it was the wine of the Kings throughout this period and is still known for its grandeur and extravagance today. Champagne establishments flourished in the 19th century, and the aristocratic elite began to enjoy this beverage. It hasn't quite been 100 years since people of all social strata started to enjoy the beverage, as the Champagne frenzy spread to a wider audience starting in 1945.

What Types of White Wine Do You Know?


Chardonnay is a green-skinned grape variety used in the production of white wine. Originally from the Burgundy wine area in eastern France, the cultivar is now grown anywhere wine is made, from England to New Zealand. Growing Chardonnay is viewed as a "rite of passage" and an easy entrée into the global wine market for new and developing wine regions.

A good example of Chardonnay wine would be La Crema Chardonnay. La Crema Chardonnay features juicy tastes of fresh nectarine, apricot, and pear along with vivid aromas of lemon, honeysuckle, and yellow plum. The acidity in this vintage wine is lively, and the finish is silky. Drink a chilled glass of La Crema Chardonnay whenever you want to treat yourself to an extraordinary delight.

Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon blanc is a grape varietal with green skin that comes from the French Bordeaux region. Given that it was originally an indigenous grape of South West France, it is most likely that the grape's name derives from the French terms Sauvage, which means "wild," and blanc, which means "white." It might be Savagnin's offspring. Many wine regions throughout the world have planted Sauvignon blanc, which yields a dry, crisp, and energizing white varietal wine.

Honing Vineyard Winery Sauvignon Blanc would be a good option to try. It is fresh and vibrant. With perfectly balanced overtones of citrus and stone fruit, the flavors and smells are reminiscent of peaches, lemon curd, white grapefruit, and passion fruit. A sharp, drawn-out finish balances the fullness of the mid-palate.


Viognier is a white wine grape varietal that has a French accent. In the Rhône Valley, it is the sole grape that can be used to make the French wine Condrieu. Viognier can be found in areas of North and South America, Australia, New Zealand, the Cape Winelands in South Africa, and Israel in addition to the Rhône. The grape variety is co-fermented with the red wine grape Syrah in various wine regions, which can enhance the wine's color and aroma.

Pinot Grigio

A white wine grape cultivar of the genus Vitis vinifera is called Pinot Grigio. The grapes can be brownish pink to black or even white in appearance, but they typically have a grayish-blue fruit, giving this variety—thought to be a mutant clone of the Pinot Noir variety—its name. The grapes grow in tiny clusters like pinecones, which may be why the word pinot was possibly applied to it. It is one of the more well-liked grapes for skin-contact wine, and the wines made from it range in color from a deep golden yellow to copper and even a mild shade of pink.

Pasqua Pinot Grigio can surely give you the right experience. It is a lovely, fruity wine with flowery undertones and hints of pear and apricot. energizing, symphonic, and well-balanced Static settling gives the must a gentle cleaning. Selected yeasts are inoculated at a controlled temperature of 16–18 °C to initiate fermentation. After that, the product is washed and put into tanks made of stainless steel.


The Rhine region gave rise to the white grape variety known as riesling. It is a fragrant grape variety with strong acidity and floral, almost perfume-like characteristics. Dry, semi-sweet, sweet, and sparkling white wines can all be made with it. Wines made from riesling are typically 100% varietal and rarely aged in the wood. With 120,000 acres, Riesling was thought to be the 20th most widely planted variety in the world as of 2004. It typically ranks with Chardonnay and Sauvignon blanc as one of the "top three" white wine grape varieties in terms of significance for high-quality wines. Riesling is a variety that is very "terroir-expressive," which means that the region of origin has a big impact on the way the wine tastes.

The Ruhlmann Riesling Organic 2019 has a subtle nose that conceals crimson, rounded fruit that is spread throughout the palate by frothy, vibrant fizz. Foamy bubbles connote jubilation and easygoing happiness. This coppery pink wine is the ideal party wine because it is dry, light, and rounded.


Over 200 types of grapes from the Vitis vinifera genus make up the Muscat family and have been used for millennia to make wine, raisin, and table grapes all over the world. They come in a variety of hues, including white, yellow, pink, and almost black. Almost often, muscat grapes and wines have a strong sweet floral scent. There are ideas that most families within the Vitis vinifera grape variety are descended from the Muscat variety, and the breadth and quantity of variants of Muscat suggest that it is possibly the earliest cultivated grape variety.Golden in color,

Domaine Salmon Muscadet Sevre et Maine Vieilles Vignes is a wine with flavors of candied fruit with touches of lime and caramel. A long finish, along with structure and minerality on the palate, give this wine its entire personality.


One of the most extensively cultivated grape kinds worldwide is the Italian wine grape known as Trebbiano. It produces strong yields but typically produces unremarkable wine.


White wine grape Albarino is cultivated in Galicia and Northwest Portugal, where it is often used to create varietal white wines. Albario is the grape's Galician name, and it is also known as Alvarinho and Cainho Branco in Portugal. Albarino wine Terras Guada 2018 has tangerine and orange peel-like citrus scents on the nose, along with undertones of peach, anise, orange blossom, bay leaves, and a light earthy note. It has a flavor and is structured on the palate.

Celebrate National White Wine Day With Juicefly

Getting together with your friends and gathering your favorite white wine vintages is the perfect way to commemorate National White Wine Day. After you've acquired all the ones you're accustomed to, why not acquire a few more to extend your palate? You can order all types of white wines 7 days a week via Juicefly App or Juicefly.com. Make sure to pay a visit to our deals page to catch the best prices.

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