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Should You Put Ice Cubes in Wine?

Should You Put Ice Cubes in Wine?

Wine is out there to be enjoyed. The fermented drink is so varied, there’s a wine style to please every palate, and it comes at all prices, too! — wine is the very definition of a crowd-pleasing drink. Of course, you need not be a wine expert to enjoy a nice glass of wine. Still, there are some unwritten rules and etiquette that you might want to follow, but should you?

One of the most controversial topics around wine involves ice cubes. Can you drink wine with ice cubes? Here’s all you need to know!

Putting Ice in Wine Won’t Kill You

First things first. Putting ice cubes in your wine glass won’t kill you, it’s no biggie, and although the practice is frowned upon in some circles, there’s no harm in adding ice cubes to your wine, is there?

Who suffers the most when putting ice cubes in wine is the wine itself. Wine is delicately balanced between sweetness, acidity, flavor and texture — winemakers make sure wine is just perfect before bottling it. The problem with ice cubes is dilution; ice will water down the wine, making it taste plain and dull. If you don’t mind losing some flavor intensity by all means, add ice cubes to your glass!



Why is it bad to put ice in wine?

Dilution can ruin the wine, yes, some wines can become undrinkable. Still, although your drink might lose some of its appeal, ice cubes DO cool it down a little, making it more refreshing.

White, rosé and sparkling wines should be enjoyed cold, at least at fridge temperature. If warmer than that, they taste unbalanced, which is why many people add ice cubes to these wine styles. Of course, if served at the proper temperature of 39°F (4°C), there’s no need to add ice to the wine. 

Is it OK to put ice in red wine? Red wine suffers most from dilution, as it is often intricately balanced between fruit flavors, alcohol, acid and tannins. Besides, red wine should be enjoyed a bit warmer, between 50-60°F (10-16°C), so there’s no reason to chilling it with ice cubes. 

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There’s Always an Exception to the Rule 

As they say, “To Each Their Own.” People who enjoy wine with a few ice cubes will continue to do so, and the trend has grown so much that some wine producers now make special wine designed to be enjoyed with ice cubes — it’s particularly sweet and concentrated, and it unfolds nicely with a slow, steady dilution.

If you want to add ice cubes to your glass of wine, make sure it’s sweet; the sweeter, the better. Also, make sure it’s not too expensive, just in case it loses its personality completely. If people at the table beside you add copious amounts of ice to their wine, just let them be! There’s enough wine for everyone!

Enjoy Wine, With or Without Ice, But Enjoy It!

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