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5 Best Natural Wines You Can Buy In Los Angeles

Natural wine is becoming increasingly popular in LA as drinkers seek out lower-intervention wines made with organic grapes. 

In this post, we’ll share our top 5 natural wines you can order now in Los Angeles.

Whether you're a long-time lover or just starting to explore the world of minimal intervention vino, these products will satisfy your craving.

Let’s dive right in!

What Is Natural Wine?

Natural wine is a winemaking style with minimal intervention in the vineyard and cellar, allowing the grapes to express their true characteristics without using additives or technological manipulation.

Here’s how it works:

In the vineyard, natural winemakers prioritize organic or biodynamic farming practices, avoiding synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. 

In the cellar, they employ minimal or no added sulfites, spontaneous fermentation with wild yeast, and eschew filtration or other processing methods that might alter its natural flavors. 

The goal is to produce wines that reflect the vineyard's unique terroir and showcase the grapes' inherent qualities more authentically.

Bottom line?

Characterized by a focus on sustainability, transparency, and a return to traditional winemaking practices, natural wine brands have gained popularity as a more holistic and artisanal approach. 

Best Natural Wines in Los Angeles

If you are looking for a natural wine store near you, you’ve just come to the right place.

Juicefly Wine Shop offers many appealing options at the most affordable prices. Here are some of them!

Visintini Pinot Grigio 2020

Visintini Pinot Grigio 2020 is an organic wine with crisp and refreshing characteristics.

Cultivated using organic farming practices, this wine truly expresses the purity of the grapes and the terroir.

Best Natural Wines in Los Angeles - Visintini Pinot Grigio 2020

With a vibrant acidity and notes of green apple, citrus, and hints of floral aromas, it offers a delightful and well-balanced drinking experience.

The nose is tight, with pear and gentle spiciness, and the palate is nicely layered with rich fruit and pear, with a touch of creamy and spiciness.

Biokult Naken 2021

Want to taste a wine with a light orange-pink color and a smooth texture? Then, you’ll love this one.

Biokult Naken 2021 is a refreshing and vibrant wine, thanks to tangy acidity and lively citrus taste. Crafted with a nice balance of tannins, it feels creamy in the mouth.

Biokult Naken 2021

It’s an excellent food pairing for fish, noodles, rice, poultry, and meat dishes.

Domaine Bousquet Natural Origins Malbec

Domaine Bousquet Natural Origins Malbec stands out for its organic and eco-friendly approach.

It has a deep purple color with a medium-to-strong aroma of blackberry, red currant, black plum, kirsch, sagebrush, and violet blossom. 

Natural Wines in LA

When you taste it, this wine is dry, medium-to-full-bodied, and has flavors of both red and black fruits. 

Danaus Red 2018

Danaus Red 2018 masterfully combines Balsamic scents and toasty aromas.

It offers a smooth entry with a very pleasant flow across the palate. Medium-bodied with mature tannins, it has a good structure with fruity flavors and a toasty finish.

Boasting a lively and intense medium-to-deep cherry red hue, this wine captivates with vibrant purple undertones. 

Best Natural Wines in Los Angeles - Danaus Red 2018

Its aromatic profile strikes a harmonious balance, intertwining the essence of ripe red berries with subtle, alluring floral notes. 

Brotte Cotes Du Rhone Bio Viridi 2018

This wine has a ruby red color and offers aromas of red fruits (such as raspberries), liquorice and a hint of freshly cut grass.

On the palate, you better expect fruity and round, with nice freshness, and notes of strawberry jam, and forest floor.


What is natural wine?
Natural wine simply means that nothing artificial has been added to the grape growing or winemaking processes.
Is natural wine tastier?
The taste of natural wine is more alive and more natural.
What is the alcohol content of natural wine?
Most of them have lower alcohol content, usually 10% to 12%.
Why do people like natural wines?
With minimal intervention in the winemaking process, they showcase unique and diverse flavors reflective of the grapes and terroir.
What is the smell of natural wine?
The smell offers a complex bouquet of earthy, fruity, and floral notes, with a potential presence of funky or wild aromas.
How can you tell if a bottle of wine is natural?
You can look for phrases like minimal intervention, natural winemaking techniques, and unfined/unfiltered on the label.
How long does natural wine last?
The shelf life ranges from 1 to 5 years, depending on the specific wine and its storage conditions.
Should you refrigerate natural wine?
It is typically best stored in a cool, dark place, but refrigeration is advisable for short-term storage or to slow down the aging process after opening.
Where to buy natural wine?
If you are searching for natural wine near you, Juicefly offers the best wines in Los Angeles.
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