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A Brief History of Wine

A Brief History of Wine

Wine is as old as humankind. If you think about it, someone nearly 4,000 years ago already stomped on a bunch of grapes and let them ferment naturally to make wine! Fast-forward to the 21st century; wine is more sophisticated and accessible than ever. To think you can order wine and have it delivered in minutes at Juicefly.com is simply unbelievable — we’re sure our ancestors would have appreciated wine delivery service!

Here’s a brief history of wine, as they say, “Who Controls the Past Controls the Future.” So, let’s travel a few thousand years back and see what wine has been all about through the ages. 

Wine in Antiquity

4,000 BC. Wine grapes of the Vitis vinifera family are native to the Caucasus, in Eastern Europe, in a region now occupied by Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. Archeological evidence suggests people already made wine with such grapes six thousand years ago!



1600 BC - 753BC. The grapevine and the luscious wine made with its fruit traveled throughout the Mediterranean basin with the Phoenicians and other merchant civilizations. The vines arrived at Ancient Egypt and then to Greece — the Greeks took winemaking wide and far, even to France.

753 BC - 476 CE. Rome is founded, marking the beginning of the mighty Roman Empire. The Romans took viticulture and winemaking practices to all the known world, from Italy to France, Germany, Spain and the UK. Wine becomes quite sophisticated, and it’s transported in clay amphorae throughout the empire. 

The Middle Ages and the Age of Exploration.

476 CE - 15th century. With the fall of the Roman Empire came the Middle Ages. Through missionaries and monks, the Catholic Church took winemaking to the next level — some of today’s most acclaimed European vineyards were once tended by the church.

15th - 17th centuries. With the age of exploration, European colonists took the grapevine to the Americas, South Africa and Australia, where winemaking caught on and evolved to the thriving global wine trade we enjoy today.

~1650 The famous Cabernet Sauvignon was bred in Bordeaux. The red grape is a crossing between Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc. 

Late 17-century. The first wine bottles are produced industrially and become the ideal vessel for shipping, storing and serving wine. 



The 19th and 20th Centuries

Late 1800s. The vine pest called phylloxera devastates 70% of Europe’s vineyards. The root-eating aphids went on to destroy vineyards on every continent. 

1920–1933 The American Alcohol Prohibition puts a stop to the country’s thriving wine  industry. 

  1. 1964. The screwcap and the bag-in-a-box technologies are created. 
  2. 1976. Californian wines beat the finest French wines in the famous Judgment of Paris blind tasting. The world realizes great wine can come from anywhere in the world, not just France. 

1980 The first American Viticultural Area is created: Augusta AVA.

  1. 1987. The Burgundian estate Joseph Drouhin establishes a winery in Oregon. A big deal for the up-and-coming wine region.
  2. 1995. The first online wine store is open for business.

Wine in the 21st century

  1. A bottle of Petrus, one of the most famous wines in the world, is aged in space. 

2010s. China positions itself as a significant wine-consuming and wine-producing country.

  1. Wildfires blaze through California’s vineyards, damaging houses, wineries, restaurants and distilleries. 
  2. 2021. Juicefly.com is created to deliver wine, beer and spirits across the LA area within minutes. The speedy delivery service sets Juicefly apart from others in the industry. Be part of wine’s history and order wine today — have it delivered to your doorstep!


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