Vaping Recap 2023: Rising Trends & Most Selected Brands
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Vaping Recap 2023: Rising Trends & Most Selected Brands

Vaping Recap 2023: Rising Trends & Most Selected Brands

Wow, what a year it's been for the vaping community! 

Between new products hitting shelves and evolving trends among vapers, it's been hard to keep up. 

But don’t worry, because in this vaping recap, we focus on everything you need to know about what's been heating up in the world of vaping in 2023.

From rising trends to the most sought-after products, read on for a fun and informative recap of some of the highlights!

Rising Trends: Smart Screens & Fast Charging

Are you looking for more convenient vape devices or just seeking a little more modern design?

Either way, the improvements in vape technology have been very satisfying for different tastes and needs this year.

While tech has gotten more involved both in the manufacturing structure and design of disposable vapes, some nifty features have flourished.

For example, one of the leading vape brands in Los Angeles, Vozol, claimed big applause among vapers with a contemporary, next-level technology device. 

Vozol Star 9000, crafted with S.i.L.C TECH, offers a shake for display feature, allowing you to know battery and e-liquid levels at a glance.

Clearly, these smart screens added a significant depth to the modern and functional vape look and provided more control over the experience.  

It gets better:

Thanks to their fast charging support, it’s possible to charge these devices in just 45 minutes.

Also, popular brands like Pod Juice and Kuz introduced amazing vapes that expanded the industry's latest technology and features.

Most Selected Brands

As expected, Flum was the leading vape brand in Los Angeles. Its cutting-edge devices with numerous flavors ruled the shelves.

From Flum Pebble to Flum Float, the easy-to-use and sleek vapes of Flum have been the safe and convenient choice for many vapers. 

Vozol also has broadened its popularity with the latest tech devices. Its vapes, equipped with smart LED screens and mouthpiece protection, were the hits. 

What else? 

Well, some top-quality brands like Pod Juice, Hyppe Max, Orion Bar, and Jubi stood out with excellent devices.

Now that we’ve revealed the rising trends and the most preferred brands, here are the best vapes of the year.

Best Sellers of the Year

Flum Pebble

No surprise with the first. Flum Pebble, among the brand’s most exciting products, is the true favorite of vapers.

Thanks to 6000 puffs, 5% salt nicotine, and 14ml of vape juice, Flum Pebble stands out as the best vape disposable of the year.

But that’s not all.

From Spearmint to Passion Kiwi, Aloe Grape to Vanilla Ice Cream, lots of amazing vape flavors are waiting for you. 

Vozol Star

As mentioned above, Vozol Star 9000 is a new innovative vape that has made a name for itself.

Equipped with S.i.L.C. Tech, a shake-for-display feature, and great flavors, it brings everything you need from a vape.

Its smart LED screen allows you to know battery and e-liquid levels at a glance. This vape has 9000 puffs, 5% nicotine, and 14ml e-liquid capacity.

Pod Juice x OXBAR Magic Maze

Experience a fantastic vaping adventure with Pod Juice x OXBAR Magic Maze. 

Packed with distinct flavors and a satisfying punch, this top-tier vape offers an impressive 10000 puffs, an 18mL pre-filled capacity, and 50mg nicotine strength.

Equipped with an adjustable airflow control system and a user-friendly screen displaying battery and liquid levels, it combines style and convenience.


If you appreciate stylish and attention-grabbing designs, you'll love the Pyne Pod Vape. 

With its sleek appearance, great flavors, and 8500 puffs per device, it's perfect for a superb vaping experience.

PYNE POD 8500 PUFFS 5% NICOTINE - Vaping Recap 2023

Pyne Pod Disposable Vape comes pre-filled with a 10ml e-liquid cartridge, boasting a 50mg nicotine concentration for a truly satisfying hit.

Lost Mary OS5000 Luster

Lost Mary OS5000 Luster Edition Disposable Vape has a sleek metallic appearance, a large 13mL e-liquid capacity, 5% nicotine, and provides up to 5000 puffs. 

With exciting flavors like Strawberry Guava Mint and Mexican Mango, it's a great choice for those who want both looks and performance in a vape.


To buy the best disposable vapes near you, visit our vape page, browse a vast catalog, and get delivery in LA or shipping service throughout the US.

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