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Top Gins From California 2024

Top Gins From California 2024

In California we are known to pride ourselves on producing the best red and white wines, but did you also know that we produce some of the world’s finest gins? Today, we are going to explore California’s best gins. Take a look at our list of the best gins of 2024 California has to offer. When you’re done, be sure to check out our other Juicefly blogs so you can mix up the best tasting gin cocktails. 

1. New Amsterdam Gin

New Amsterdam Gin

We decided we’re going to premier our California favorite first, New Amsterdam Gin. It is Juicefly’s top seller for our California gin, so we couldn’t wait to share it with you. New Amsterdam is unlike any other gin, it is so smooth it doesn’t need to accompany a mixer. Although New Amsterdam Gin stands alone with its exceptionally smooth, sweet floral scent, and citrus flavors, it is also the top choice when it comes to pairing it with similar fruity flavored cocktails.

2. St. George Botanivore Gin

St. George Botanivore Gin

The highly rated St. George Botanivore Gin is self-described as a “botanical eater” as it contains a symphony of 19 layered botanical ingredients. St. George Botanivore Gin is reminiscent of an elegant meadow in full bloom of fresh florals, making it one of the friendlist gins you will encounter. It has a bright citrus and notes of floral earth with a bit of spice, allowing it to match well with any cocktail you desire.

3. Botanica Spiritvs Barrel Finished Gin

Botanica Spiritvs Barrel Finished Gin

The woody and sweet, highly rated Botanica Spiritvs Barrel Finished Gin is another California favorite. This unaged brandy, distilled from Northern California grape wines, is matured in French oak barrels for 8 months, then blended in small youthful barrels with a solera style resulting in a brandy-gin hybrid. It’s layered depth is complimented by notes of juniper, vanilla, and lemon verbena.  You might be wondering if a California barrel-aged gin is a good idea? Our input-yes it is. 

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4. Bixby Dry Gin

Bixby Dry Gin

If you are looking for a dry gin, we recommend Bixby. Lloyd Distillery states inspiration from Bixby Gin came from a “springtime hike in Big Sur”. Considering it’s taste, we think the inspired flavors match its creative source. Earthy and sage-forward, it’s flavor profile consists of a dominant combination of herbal and floral flavors with added spice and heat. We noticed whispers of juniper, rose, and orange citrus giving lighter notes to it's complex structure making this the perfect California dry gin.

5. Anchor Old Tom Gin

Anchor Old Tom Gin

Anchor Old Tom Gin is a historical California gin. It is a sweet pot-distilled gin enjoyed in San Francisco from the Gold Rush to Prohibition to modern days. It has juniper berries making it sweeter than modern London dry gin, and is bottled unfiltered. Anchor Old Tom Gin’s sweetness comes from blended botanicals, star anise, licorice root, and the unique choice of stevia.  Enjoyed in cocktails, both old and new, Anchor Old Tom Gin is said to have been called, “"a dusty drive with a cocktail at the end of it”.

6. AMASS Dry Gin Los Angeles

AMASS Dry Gin Los Angeles

If you are into supporting locally sourced liquor, our next choice is for you. AMASS Dry Gin is made in downtown Los Angeles with unique features of botanicals such as California bay leaf, sarsaparilla, reishi mushroom and lion’s mane mushroom to create a complex profile. Fresh citrus and floral forward, the AMASS Dry Gin is vibrant with flavors such as hibiscus, cardamom, cacao, and ginger that illustrates the unique spirit of the City of Angels.

7. Wilder Gin

Wilder Gin

If you are looking for a gin with a wild and native spirit, Wilder Gin is for you. Wilder is self-proclaimed as not being associated with the Queen’s Gin. That is probably because it has a black pepper flavor with bold and grassy notes. Unlike traditional London Dry Gin, this wild mix is flattered with fresh and savory aromas of Elderflower, Floral, Herbal, and Tangerine flavors. Wilder Gin caters a taste similar to the experience of taking a hike through the mountains of the Central Coast, allowing you to experience the great California wilderness anywhere.

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