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National Vodka Day Is Here

National Vodka Day is the perfect occasion to toast this worldwide favorite drink. Vodka is a popular drink that is consumed all over the world and some of the best and most costly vodkas in the world originate in Russia yet all nations have adopted the manufacturing and consumption of this drink.

The Origin

This drink is said to have initially appeared in the Middle Ages, maybe in the 8th or 9th century. Vodka comes in a variety of flavors that appear to have originated not just in Russia, but also in Poland and Sweden. Religious monks appear to have been among the first to distill this drink from grains or potatoes.


According to records, the term "vodka" was first used in Russia in the late 14th century. The Genoese diplomats brought vodka to Moscow in 1386 to gift to the Grand Duke. After a few hundred years, after the 1917 Russian Revolution, vodka began to spread throughout Europe.


It wasn't until after WWII that vodka's appeal began to spread over the world, notably when it arrived on the beaches of North America. Although it was initially nearly tasteless and odorless, this has altered during the last few decades. Creative variations in tastes, smells, mixes, and types have taken over the world's vodka manufacturing. However, its neutral flavor has continued to add to its appeal since it provides an excellent basis for a variety of mixed beverages and cocktails.

Vodka Day Selections

Order great tasting vodkas on National Vodka Day from Juicefly. Our alcohol delivery in Los Angeles is the fastest and the most convenient among others. From vodkas to other spirits, we have a great bottle for each day of the year.



Absolut has purely natural ingredients and includes no added sugars. If you are seeking a vodka that is pure and clean, you should consider Absolut. Absolut is so rich and smooth, with a grain-forward taste and a touch of dried fruit, that you should drink it neat to appreciate its full-bodied flavor.



Aris Vodka is a great option to consider on National Vodka Day with its clear, crisp flavor and smooth finish. Enjoy it neat or use it in cocktails.



If you want to be fancy on National Vodka Day, you can’t go wrong with Belvedere Vodka. It is the first ultra-premium vodka in the world, inspired by 600 years of Polish vodka history. Belvedere is a combination of Polish rye, distilled water, and fire. To keep its reputation as premium Polish vodka, it must be produced without additives and with particular Polish grains or potatoes and water.



Grey Goose Vodka is a result of enthusiasm. It contains the best French ingredients, including limestone-filtered spring water and premium wheat. Grey Goose is a perfect present for individuals who value luxury because of its unmatched workmanship and smooth, unique flavor. This premium vodka has a taste that is extremely fresh and fragrant, with almond notes and a pleasing finish. 



Stolichnaya double-distilled vodka offers winter wheat and glacier water. It tastes like licorice, herbs, and a hint of fruit. Stolichnaya is suitable to drink on the rocks, straight, or in a cocktail.



Ito's Handmade Vodka always assures high quality. Its main ingredient is maize and it is gluten-free. It is an exceedingly clean spirit with a very smooth taste. Choosing this one for to drink on National Vodka Day would be a good idea.

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