Labor Day Essentials Of Juicefly

Labor Day Essentials Of Juicefly

Labor Day, is almost here. As summer winds down and fall begins, it's a bittersweet three-day weekend. And most of the time, we do that while holding a beverage. Guests at your Labor Day party this year will appreciate having a few drinks to wash down the smoky, charred fare cooked on the barbecue. We have selected our top beverages that will be a great pairing on Labor Day. You can place your order 7 days a week with the best liquor deals.


It is hard to think of a special day without a Bud Light. Bud Light's popularity in the United States has skyrocketed as a direct result of the beer's excellent taste. Bud Light, the world's preeminent light beer, is brewed with a proprietary combination of hops, barley malts, and rice to create a flavor that is uniquely crisp, and refreshing,


Modelo Especial Mexican Beer is a full-bodied pilsner with a complex taste profile that serves as an exemplar of what a great beer should be. The soft flavors of orange blossom honey and a touch of herb match the beer's golden color in this lager. Easy to drink and great for sharing with friends at a BBQ or while watching the game. It has a subtle hop flavor, enticing sweetness, and a clear, crisp finish. This international brew is perfect for the tailgate.


Heineken is well balanced between bitter and sweet, with a biscuit and malt flavor. Green apple and sweet corn undertones are also present in the flavor, as is the occasional skunky note. One of the most well-known European beers, Heineken, is a pale lager brewed entirely with natural ingredients.


The Lagunitas IPA is an outstanding example of a versatile IPA. The addition of caramel malt barley softens the bitterness of the hops and contributes to the beer's overall depth of flavor. This India Pale Ale is loaded with flavor and boasts roasted malt, spice, caramel, and citrus fruit overtones.


Tecate has a mild to moderately bitter flavor and a pleasant, clear aftertaste. Tecate, a premium crisp lager from Mexico, is named after the town in which it was created. Excellent for Labor Day.


The Carmel Road Chardonnay is a crisp and lively wine with smells and flavors of stone fruits and tropical citrus. The wine is densely structured and has a silky finish. The refreshing acidity imparted by the cool climate enhances the flavors of golden mango, tangerine, Asian pear, white flower, vanilla bean, and buttercream, leading to a long, yeasty finish.

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