How Do You Drink Cognac? - 3 Cognacs For Beginners In Los Angeles
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How Do You Drink Cognac? - 3 Cognacs For Beginners In Los Angeles

How Do You Drink Cognac? - 3 Cognacs For Beginners In Los Angeles

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Do you drink Cognac? If so, how?  Today we will talk about how to drink Cognac. Knowing these basics will enhance your experience with Cognac. If you have never drank Cognac, this will be a handy guide for you to start tasting.

What do you mix with cognac?

Since it is a blend of different crus, we believe Cognac is the ideal spirit for cocktails. As a result, different mixers, citrus fruits, or fresh herbs will bring out different aspects of each Cognac's flavor. They also make fantastic Cider cocktails, adding woodsy smells from the barrel. Choose a Cognac that best meets your preferences and budget. Consider it similar to any other cocktail base.

However, Cognac should not be used in cocktails once it has developed any depth or complexity. Save your expensive X spirits for drinking. We recommend drinking aged brandies neat, without any mixers, food, or even cigars, because they have delicate and nuanced flavors.

Do you drink cognac warm or cold?

Cognac has more fruity, flowery, and spicy smells when served neat with a drop of water. The cognac will be diluted if you add two ice cubes which will lower the alcohol content as well. So it's up to you to make a decision.

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How and when do you drink cognac?

Cognac is suitable after lunchtime. Depending on your Cognac’s quality you can drink it neat or in a cocktail. Here are our suggestions for both kinds.

E&J BRANDY RED delivery in los angeles


E&J Brandy is the most awarded brandy in the United States. The flavor is rounded out by layers of apple and toasted oak, with traces of vanilla and spice that linger in the aftertaste. E&J VS Brandy is smooth enough to enjoy on its own or in a variety of cocktails. If you want to make a basic drink, combine this brandy with ginger ale, club soda, or cola.

HENNESSY delivery in los angeles


Hennessy has a rich, fruit-forward flavor profile with pleasant oaky notes. Roasted almonds and freshly picked grapes provide a delicious flavor. Enjoy the vibrant qualities that have made Hennessy so popular. Drink it straight up, on the rocks, or in a cocktail.

D'USSÉ COGNAC delivery in los angeles


D'USSÉ Cognac is a dominant, full-bodied mix that arouses the palate after being aged for at least four and a half years in the cellars of France's Château de Cognac. It has a robust bouquet on the nose, with woody notes blended with traces of cinnamon and floral notes. With each bite, you'll detect notes of spices, almonds, and cinnamon, which are distinctively and unexpectedly smooth. Honey and dried fruits are used as subtle accents at the end.

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