Martini Day -19th June - Juicefly
Martini Day -19th June

Martini Day -19th June

World Martini Day is a perfect opportunity to raise a glass in honor of the cocktail. This unique day, which is only for adults, celebrates all things Martini and is an excellent time to explore and try out new cocktail ideas you may not have tried before.

History of Martini

It's always interesting to learn about the history of some of our favorite cocktails. Learning more about how things came to be can help us enjoy them even more. There are various theories on how the first martini came to be. According to some drink historians, the martini was invented in the early 1900s by a New York bartender named Martini.

The most widely accepted theory is that the drink was conceived in the late 1800s by a bartender at the Occidental Hotel in California for a miner who had recently struck gold. According to legend, the miner wanted champagne to celebrate, but the bar didn't have any on hand, so Jerry Thomas, the bartender, created a drink using what he did have, and the martini was born. The martini was originally mentioned in the New and Improved Illustrated Bartending Manual, which was published in 1888.

How do you make the perfect Martini?

A Classic Martini is an excellent cocktail for celebrations or any other time of year. For a dry cocktail with true sophistication, the Martini recipe only includes the perfect blend of vodka or dry gin and just a touch of vermouth.

Stir or shake the ingredients depending on your preference.

Serve the mix in a martini glass.

Last but not least, garnish with your favorite kind of green olives.

If you want to participate in the fun by making a Martini at home, you should remember that Juicefly is dedicated to bringing you the best Gin in Los Angeles. We provide same-day alcohol delivery, which means your order will come to your place in less than 60 minutes! We also provide scheduled alcohol delivery, which allows you to select the most convenient delivery date and time. Juicefly's delivery service is as straightforward as it gets, and we're available online seven days a week. Take a look at our extensive selection of top-brand gins and other spirits. You can also pair your drinks with a variety of vapes. You also have the option of paying for your order online or at the time of delivery.

Here are some options of Gin you can order in Los Angeles that can help you attain the perfect Martini.


Modagor is a great Gin made up of seven botanicals that create an effervescent and aromatic drink. Modagor's nose is interesting, with brisk juniper scents and zesty citrus aromas of lemon balanced by gentle floral aromas of lavender. Modagor is dry and fresh on the palate, with aromas of lemon and orange peel and a crisp, clean aftertaste.


Aviation American Gin was created to challenge people's perceptions of gin. It's brewed in the conventional dry form but doesn't have a traditional flavor profile. To express the lushness, spice, creativity, and freshness of the Pacific Northwest, Aviation explores the rich, floral, and savory notes of lavender, cardamom, and sarsaparilla. This perfect mixture allows the craft spirit to shine both on its own and when blended with classic cocktails or modern culinary cocktails.


Tanqueray London Dry Gin is prepared using a carefully crafted mixture that combines juniper, coriander, angelica, and licorice, four different botanicals. As a result, the spirit is flawlessly balanced, with distinct herbaceous quality and a dry finish. Tanqueray was named the Bartenders' Choice of Gin for the 8th year in a row at the 2020 Drinks International Awards.

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