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Best Beers Under 150 Calories

Best Beers Under 150 Calories

You finally decided to lose the extra weight you have been carrying for years. Eating healthy to lose weight is definitely worth it but it can be challenging, especially if you are having a hard time resisting delicious food and drinks. Cutting out all the alcohol may not be the most preferred way for some people and this blog post is for those people. Beer is considered one of the most calorically dense drinks, so can you drink beer on a diet? You certainly can. It is all about moderation and choosing the right beer. Here are some of our best picks of diet-friendly beers under 150 Calories.

Which beer has the lowest calories?

As the most recent data shows, the title of lightest beer goes to Tennents Light. C&C Group’s light lager has only 66 calories per 330 ml. It’s almost as calorically dense as an alcohol-free beer, yet has a 3.5% ABV. If you are looking for the lowest of the lowest, Tennents Light is your beer

What is the best beer to drink on a diet?

As long as you are in a caloric deficit, you can drink any beer. But not every beer gives you the same caloric flexibility. You already know the beer with the lowest amount of calories, but there are other really good options as well. 


Michelob Ultra - Buy Online

Michelob is one of the OG beer brands. Their work goes back to 1896, so they know what they are doing. They are also keeping up with the trends such as low-calorie alcoholic beverages. The brand’s light lager “Ultra” has 73 calories per 330 ml with 3.% ABV.

Gen!us Ligh Lager

This one is British. The brewer Gen!us launched a light lager recently and it has only 79 calories per 330 ml. Gen!us craft beer is also light in terms of alcohol with an ABV of 3%.

Dogfish Head Slighty Mighty IPA

Funny name, serious beer. Dogfish Head Brewery from Delaware has been crafting some good IPA for quite some time and their light beer Slighty Mighty is pretty good. The beer has a really sweet taste and it’s under 99 calories. Slighty Mighty’s 4% ABV is another satisfying feature of this beer.

What is the lowest calorie beer with the highest alcohol content?

The gold medal goes to Milwaukee’s Best Ice for this one. This strong beer is under 150 calories and has an ABV of 5.9%. This beer also won an actual bronze medal for American-Style Speciality Lager in 2003, so the taste is pretty good too.

Best tasting low-calorie craft beer?

The taste is really a subjective matter, everyone’s taste buds are different but you may want to give these craft beers a shot if you looking for a guilt-free drinking experience.

Westbrook Gose

Westbrook Grose is a great choice if you are into citrusy flavors. It’s salty after taste, which makes this beer a margarita simulation for your tongue. Gose is also generous on the alcohol side with an ABV of 4% yet it’s only 120 calories per 330 ml.

Surly Bitter Brewer

Surly’s Bitter Brewer is surely a treat for your taste buds with its dense flavor with a kick. It is an Americanized version of an English Bitter with 120 calories per 330 ml and 4% ABV.

Ballast Point Even Keel

Ballast Point has really good ales with a much higher caloric density that you must try at some point but today we are talking about diet-friendly options. The brand’s light IPA Even Keel is packed with refreshing flavors such as citrus fruits and mango. The flavor density comes with low caloric density, this beer has only 114 calories per 330 ml with 4.8% ABV.


Buy Coors Light Online in LA

Coors Light is one of the most popular American-style light lagers. It tastes so good yet has only 102 calories per serving. The alcohol content is also not compromised as well, 4.2% ABV is what you get from this light lager.


There are plenty of other options to choose from, so feel free to do your own testing and research to find the best light beer for you. You can also check out the Juicefly catalog to get yourself a drink that suits your diet.

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