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How Long Does Boxed Wine Last?

How Long Does Boxed Wine Last?

Boxed wine used to get a bad rap, but the quality and packaging have actually gotten a lot better through out the years. There are many benefits to buying boxed wine as opposed to bottled wine. Buying a box of wine is generally much cheaper than buying a few bottles of wine. Plus, if you're planning on having a few different people drink from it, it's much easier to distribute thanks to its easy pour method. You may still have some questions about boxed wine such as how long does boxed wine last? Is boxed wine better than it used to be? In this article, we'll dive into all your questions about boxed wine.

How long does boxed wine last?

Unlike bottled wine, boxed wine does indeed come with an expiration date. The reason is because wine in a box is enclosed in plastic, which is more porous than glass. Over time, air will creep in and effect the wine inside. Boxed wine is not designed to be aged. As long as you drink it within 6-8 months from the time you buy it, the quality will be as it should be. However, once you open it, boxed wine stays fresher for a longer time than bottled wine. How long is boxed wine good for once it's opened? Six weeks to be exact.

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Does boxed wine go bad?

As long as you consume your wine within six weeks of opening it, there is no reason it should go bad. The packaging is secure enough to keep the wine inside tasting fresh, unlike wine in a bottle, which starts to go sour after one week of opening it. By the way, if you're ever in a pinch and can't find a wine opener to open a bottle of wine, we've got you covered with our article on how to open wine without a wine opener.



Is boxed wine better than it used to be?

The quality of boxed wine has improved drastically over the last few years. We know boxed wine had a bad reputation in the past, but these days you can find extremely high quality wine in a box. Even well respected brands like Barefoot are offering their wine in a box. You can find white wine, rosé wine, and red wine options. Boxed wine tends to be looked down upon because it doesn't come in a fancy bottle, but the truth is, it can be just as delicious. Boxed wine is easy to transport, more cost efficient, and better for the environment than bottled wine.


Will chemicals creep into my wine?

This is a fair question. After all, your wine is being stored in plastic. However, almost all boxed wine options are made BPA free. BPA is a harmful chemical found in plastic. Instead, the plastic is made with polyethlene, one of the safest plastics available. Polyethlene is also made to use water bottles and ziplock bags. It won't effect how the wine tastes or the quality of the liquid inside.

Isn't plastic bad for the environment?

You may argue that plastic is bad for the environment, which is true. However, boxed wine is actually more environmentally friendly than bottled wine. This is because the cardboard boxes require less energy to produce than glass bottles. Cardboard and plastic are both recyclable, so after you're done drinking, just toss them in the recycling! Plus, instead of buying 4-5 glass bottles, you're only buying one box, thus resulting in less waste.


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