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What Type Of Tequila Should I Use For Cocktails?

What Type Of Tequila Should I Use For Cocktails?

Thanks to the margarita, tequila has become one of the most well-known liquors in the world. It's also the most joyous because of the hedonistic connotations attached to it. The drink even has a dedicated day for it, which is National Tequila Day, celebrated on July 24th. But margaritas aren’t the only cocktail you can make with tequila. There are countless options, but one important question.

What Kind of Tequila to Buy for Cocktails?

The first thing you should know is that you, the sophisticated mixologist, want 100% agave tequila for your drinks. It will be clearly stated on the bottle. That is the fundamental standard. You can't go wrong if you stick to it.

Most people believe that all tequilas are the same. There is only one type of tequila. However, there are two types of tequila: pure and with additions.

If you go for low-price Tequila brands, you're almost certainly getting tequila with additives. They are frequently a blend of tequila and sugar cane spirits. And "gold" tequilas are a blend of older and younger tequilas with some caramel coloring added.

There are three types of tequila available, dependent on age and contact with wood. The wood is normally a whiskey barrel, although there are a lot of trials going on in the industry, so you might notice something on the bottle regarding that.

All three types of tequila perform differently in cocktails, so choose the one that will work best for the beverages you wish to mix.

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This type of tequila is fresh from the still and can be aged for up to sixty days in any neutral container, typically glass. Blanco tequilas are typically very fresh, sometimes fruity, and occasionally slightly acidic. Tequilas that are silver are an excellent base for margaritas and related beverages.


This kind is tequila that has been aged in wooden barrels for between two and twelve months. Reposados tend to be softer and rounder and preserve the woodiness imparted by aging in oak barrels, making them ideal for cocktails in which whiskey is usually used.


As a tequila aged between one and three years in wooden barrels, Anejos are luxurious versions of reposados. Consequently, it can be difficult and expensive to employ them in cocktails. The longer they are aged, the smoother they become. Therefore, they are often best enjoyed on their own. However, they are comparable to soft whiskeys and can be substituted accordingly.

Additionally, there is an unofficial Super-Anejo (Extra Anejo) category, which essentially indicates that the tequila has been aged for more than three years. Since they are pricey and intended for sipping, you should not use them in cocktails.

Must-Try Tequila Cocktails

If you are looking for tequila cocktails to try, give these three a chance.

Cherry Lime Tequila Cocktail




-Fresh cherry juice 


-7UP or preferably Cherry 7UP


Fill the glass with ice cubes.

Pour over the lime juice, cherry juice, and tequila. Give it a quick swirl. Top it off with 2-4 ounces of 7UP.

Utilize cherries and limes as garnishes.

Jalapeno Margarita



-Lime Juice

-Orange Juice



-Salt and lime juice for the wedge


Fill the glass with ice and rim it with lime and salt.

Add the ingredients for the margarita and ice to a cocktail shaker.

Shake for thirty seconds, then strain into a glass.

Texas Ranch Water


-Topo Chico
-Lime Juice from 1/2 lime


The rim of a Collins or Highball glass should be salted first.

Fill the glass with ice.

To the tequila and lime juice, add Topo Chico.

Serve with lime wedges and the left of the Topo Chico.

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Order the key ingredients from Juicefly

You don’t have to go out to get the ingredients to make a perfect tequila cocktail. On the Juicefly menu, you can find all the ingredients you need for making cocktails as well as delicious vapes to match your drinks. Start by checking out these tequilas.


Medium amber describes the color of Califino Reposado Tequila. Warm herbal tones and vanilla introduce the aroma, which develops undertones of roasted agave and tropical melon. Brown butter, tostones, and brittle toffee are some of the nuances added to the scents in the flavor profile. A creamy honey and spice aroma adds a subtle complexity to the finish.


While it shares a similar base with Tequila, Revel Avila Blanco was crafted in the Morelos region of Mexico from Weber blue agave by a collection of families who have mastered their distillation techniques to the point that they have developed a spirit they call Avila. Revel Avila's triple-distilled agave spirit is far smoother than even the finest tequilas.


Smooth and mellow flavors welcome you into the realm of mezcal with Amarás Espadn Reposado. It is crafted by hand using the same premium Espadn agave, but this time aged in oak barrels carved from two distinct species. One is a medium-toasted American oak that covers the entire body and imparts sweet flavors and aromas. The other is a French oak from which the lid is molded, emphasizing the fruitiness and suppleness of the wine.


The flavor profile of this tequila is made of agave, cinnamon, caramel, and grass notes. Light agave and peppery spiciness can be tasted instantly. There is also a bitter/acidic note that goes along with the agave & caramel combo. The finish is about medium length with more peppery spiciness and some alcohol heat.


The smooth taste of Partida Blanco is the product of the distillery's unrivaled dedication to boiling its agave within 24 hours after harvest to preserve its fresh and subtle character. Citrus blends with herbal and earthy aromas on the nose. The palate displays brilliant tropical fruit and vanilla aromas, as well as undertones of cooked agave, white pepper spiciness, and luscious grapefruit. A magnificent rendition of unaged tequila.


When it comes to tequila, Jose Cuervo is without a peer. The tequilas in this gold blend are a mix of reposado and silver. This tequila is a favorite among connoisseurs of the spirit because of its light golden hue and a pleasant aroma. Enjoy a flavor that's both sweet and delicate, with notes of vanilla and wood. Jose Cuervo Gold is perfectly balanced, with a short and easy aftertaste.

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