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Top 10 Card Drinking Games You'll Definitely Enjoy

Top 10 Card Drinking Games You'll Definitely Enjoy

Let’s say it out loud; drinking is fun, as long as you do it responsibly. And you know what else is fun? Drinking games! Drinking with friends can get repetitive and having a few drinking games up your sleeve can add a few more hours of fun to the evening.

Some drinking games are elaborate, and others call for props you probably don’t have in hand. A deck of cards, though, that’s something you can carry around in your pocket in case your friends are up for a boozy match. Here are the 10 card drinking games explained.

1. Drunken Uno

Drunken Uno

Who doesn’t love the colorful Uno deck? Almost everyone has one at home, making this game perfect for a spontaneous round of drinking while playing.

Shuffle the deck and place it upside down on the table. Players take turns clockwise picking up a card. If your card is the same color or number as the card dealt immediately before you, then you drink.

  • A skip card means you choose someone to drink a sip.
  • The return card changes the direction.
  • The Take-Two card means the person next to you drinks.
  • The Take Four card means everyone drinks. Have fun!

2. Naked Greased Up Monkey

This game has gained popularity recently as it’s one of the most exciting and sophisticated card games out there. Here’s how you play Naked Greased Up Monkey.

Place a single card at the center or the table and make all four players sit in the north, south, east and west. Determine which will be the north.

The aim is to move the card in the center (the monkey) while drawing ‘action’ cards to make it fall off the table in a player’s direction — that person loses and drinks.

The dealer gives three cards to each player, and they take turns clockwise.

Each turn, a player shows a card, and the monkey is moved north, south, east or west the number of card-length steps assigned to the card opened.

  • Hearts: North
  • Diamonds: South
  • Spades: East
  • Clubs: West
  • 6-10: No movement. (You can still open these to get new cards.)
  • Jack: You take a sip
  • Queen: Player to the left takes a sip
  • King: Player to the right takes a sip

After opening the three cards, the dealer gives three more cards to everyone.



3. Drunken Eights

You undoubtedly know about the Crazy Eights game where players take turns to draw cards, hopefully matching the last card dealt in suit or number. If it’s not a match, the player must pick up a new card — in this version, that means you must drink — a sip for every card. The player that runs out of cards wins. In the end, the players drink a sip for every card in their hand. Some cards have special significance, too:

  • Aces: Skip a player
  • 2: The next player picks up two cards.
  • 8: Changes the game’s suit.

All Beers

4. Smoke or Fire

Two or more players can play this easy game. The goal here is to guess if the next card dealt is red (fire) or black (smoke). Each player takes turns guessing and picking up a card from the deck. If the player gets it wrong, he drinks.



If he gets it right, the other person drinks unless the player who got it right doubles down trying to increase the punishment. Of course, if the player gets it wrong while doubling down, he or she must drink twice the sips, too.

5. The Bus Driver


This fast-paced card drinking game involves two or more players who alternate the roles of driver and riders. The driver deals four cards to each player face down, and they take turns to open the cards trying to guess certain aspects:

Round one - The riders must guess if the card is black or red. One sip for getting it wrong, give out one sip for getting it right.

Round two - The riders must guess if the card is higher or lower than the card they opened on round one. Take two sips for getting it wrong, give out two sips for getting it right.

Round three - The riders must guess if the third card is inside or outside the range between their first two cards. Take three sips for getting it wrong, give out three sips for getting it right.

Round four - The riders must guess the card’s suit. Take four sips for getting it wrong, give out four sips for getting it right.

Then the players chose the bus driver or dealer for the next round. There are various ways of doing this.

6. Wasted War

drinking games

For two players. The deck is divided amongst the players, and they open a card at the same time. The player with the highest card keeps both cards and puts them at the bottom of its deck. The other one drinks. The player ending with all the cards wins. When tied, a second card is dealt.

7. Red, Black, High, Low

For four players or more. The dealer gives a card face up to the players in their turn. They must guess if the next card dealt will be higher or lower than the previous card dealt and if it is red or black. If the player gets it right, they get a new card until they get it wrong — then they drink, and it’s the next player’s turn.

If you get it right three times, your turn ends, and the next player must drink three times as much whenever getting it wrong.



8. Pyramid

Create a pyramid with cards faced down and deal the rest of the deck amongst the players. A regular pyramid starts with one and ends with a row of five cards. The first card (which is on a single layer) is opened — if you have that card in your hand, place it in front of someone, and they must drink. Continue with the following tiers increasing the drinking penalty until you go through the pyramid or someone runs out of cards, that’s the winner.

9. Ring of Fire

Place a drink in the center of the table and arrange the cards faced down around the glass or mug, creating a ‘ring.’ Players take turns to draw a card from the ring. If the card is red, they drink the number of sips corresponding to the number in the card; if it is black, they give out that number of drinks.

Then the player must balance the card on the rim of the glass; if it falls, they drink the number of cards fallen. Also, if you pick a card from the ring and removing it causes a gap that breaks it, you drink.

10. Buzzed

This fun and loud game is amongst the most exciting drinking card games. It all starts with every player being dealt one card face down; each player will get a new card face down every round.

The deck is placed at the center of the table; that’s the buzzer. Players take turns to flip open a card from the deck in their turn. If you have that card in your hand, then you slap the deck as if it were a buzzer. The last person slapping the buzzer drinks. The game ends when the deck runs out of cards or when everyone is wasted!




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