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All About Yeni Raki

All About Yeni Raki

Where Can I Buy Raki in the Us?

Yeni Raki can be purchased at, delivered to Los Angeles in under 45 minutes or same day in SoCal.

What Is Yeni Raki?

Yeni Raki is the unofficial national drink of Turkey. It is a  clear brandy made from distilled grapes and flavored with anise.

How Do You Drink Raki?

This clear brandy is traditionally mixed with chilled water or served with water on the side. If you want the authentic Turkish drinking experience, just add water. 

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Why Do You Add Water to Raki?

Diluting Yeni Raki with water creates a cloudy appearance called an “aslan sütü” or  “lion’s milk”.  This phrase loosely illustrates the imbibing experience of  “milk for the strong or brave” as aslan (lion) represents a man with courage. 

What Does Yeni Raki Taste Like?

Yeni Raki is a clear brandy with a liquorice aftertaste similar to Greek ouzo and Italian sambuca.

Is Yeni Raki Strong?

Yes - Yeni Raki is 45% alcohol by volume or about 90 proof.

Is Raki Good for Digestion?

Turkish tradition states that Yeni Raki is good for digestion, heart, and mind.

Is Yeni a Raki Vodka?

No - Yeni Raki is a clear brandy.

What Goes Best With Raki?

Yeni Raki is recommended to be served with cold fish such as scallops or mackerel as well as chickpeas, almonds, or kabobs.

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