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Top 10 Best Romantic Picnic Spots in Los Angeles

Top 10 Best Romantic Picnic Spots in Los Angeles

Isn't a picnic just a delicious moveable lunch served on a blanket on a lush green lawn?

Think again; the top picnic locations in Los Angeles have a lot more to offer.

Sea views, world-class art pieces, and delightfully kitsch swan paddle boats are among the attractions.

As the spring strengthens its roots, we have compiled ten fantastic picnic spots in Los Angeles!

Is picnicking allowed in Los Angeles?

Yes! Imagine if it was not. It would be a waste of a beautiful region with beautiful weather.

Where can I have a picnic in Los Angeles?

We've selected the best from the east side to the seaside.

Now all you have to do is choose which wine to bring to your picnic.

Valley Glen Park

Locals can be seen strolling their dogs, jogging the trail, or participating in a training session for everything from tai chi to track amid the copse of mature live oaks to the south of this small park.

According to frequent visitors, the middle grassy area is now a small treasure with bunches of lavender, kangaroo paws, and natural grasses blossoming around the perimeter.

Address: Erwin St. and Ethel Ave., Van Nuys

Echo Park Lake

If you hire one of the paddle boats, the enormous spout in the lake's center is a delightful destination, but even if you just lay a blanket on the lawn or nab a picnic table, you'll love this tiny splash of blue-green in the Echo Park region.

There are also vendors as you walk along the park so that you can grab a great elote and other Mexican treats.

Address: 751 Echo Park Ave., Los Angeles

Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area

Even if most people only know it for the oil wells visible on the way to LAX in the Baldwin Hills Mountains, the 401-acre park has much to offer. Fish in a stocked lake, take a trek north to the Hollywood sign or east to downtown, relax in the Japanese garden, or rest amid the trees planted to celebrate the 1932 Olympics.

This was the first Olympics village ever built. It is an excellent site for people of all ages because of the well-kept picnic area with tables.

Address: 4100 S La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles

Chavez Ravine Arboretum

Old-growth trees are uncommon here, but picnicking in this section of Elysian Park is like being in another world.

The Los Angeles Horticultural Society planted over 100 species of trees from all over the world between 1893 and the 1920s, including what is thought to be Cape Chestnut, a native to South Africa, Kauri from Australia, and  Bolivian Tipu trees.

Address: 929 Academy Rd., Los Angeles

Pan Pacific Park

Generations of Little League and soccer players learn their moves right in the center of a bustling, West Hollywood-adjacent stretch of Beverly Boulevard. However, peace and tranquility can be found only a short walk away on a spacious stretch of lawn.

There are a lot of dogs on leashes here, and the squirrels are fairly bold. So watch your food!

Address: 7600 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles

Ernest E. Debs Regional Park

In this tree-dotted, pond-enhanced park in East Los Angeles, picnic tables and 20 BBQ pits beckon.

It's a beautiful shaded glen out there, with lots of snack vendors and kitties running around, the perfect family park experience.

Address: 4235 Monterey Rd., Los Angeles

Lake Hollywood Park

A stretch of grassy lawn where you can not only spread out a picnic blanket but also let your dog run about off-leash?

That's the fortunate arrangement at Lake Hollywood Park, where you may relax and eat while the Hollywood sign keeps a watchful eye on you.

Address: 3160 Canyon Lake Dr., Los Angeles

Old Griffith Park Zoo

The ruins of animal enclosures from a zoo that closed in 1965 stand in all their rocky grandeur in a shaded spot near the middle of Griffith Park's 4,210-acres. The zoo's pseudo naturalistic design, built by the WPA in the 1930s, is described by tourists as "part Bat Cave, part Tiki bar."

You can still climb the monkey bars or simply sit at one of the picnic tables facing the zoo and imagine what it was like to be surrounded by roaring lions and bears.

Address: 4801 Griffith Park Dr., Los Angeles

Douglas Park

Sit beside one of the lawn bowling greens or one of the three reflecting pools at this charming West Side park, which is technically in Santa Monica but has a more rural feel than a beachy vibe.

It's not too crowded, and you can rent a clubhouse to make your picnic more formal.

Address: 2439 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica

Grand Park

This 12-acre park in front of City Hall in downtown was renovated 10 years ago and now has broad areas of green lawn ideal for picnicking, an interactive fountain to splash about in, and a Starbucks, among other attractions.

Take a seat in a distinctive powder-coated pink chair for a quick snack or to take in one of the outdoor concerts or art displays taking place here.

Address: 200 N. Grand Ave., Los Angeles

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